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Hearts of Iron IV: Historical National Focus Dates
Download this Historical National Focus Dates mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

26 Jun 2020

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0.154 MB

Requires DLC:

Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger, Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns, Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory, Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor

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This mod adds Historical National Focus Dates to the Game.

1. IntroductionExamples: because Pearl Harbor happen in december, because the “Military Traing Act” happen before the “Home Defence”, and concerning many other historical national focuses in HOI4 that happen at a wrong time, there is a solution: Historical National Focus Dates.

This mod aims to only improve AI’s choices order for more historicity concerning dates. National focuses have been reorganized and focus trees reworked when necessary. It doesn’t change the duration of national focuses and doesn’t change the AI’s adaptability. The effects have not been changed except in some rare cases. The non-historical focus way has not be changed. All changes will be indicated in the LIST OF CHANGES in the discussion below.
The timeline now matches history a lot closer:

AIMED FOR A 1936 START WITH HISTORICAL NATIONAL FOCUSES ON! This mod will not work properly if historical focuses are set OFF: it would cause several unknown problems.
! A 1936 start is heavily recommended if you want to enjoy this mod fully.

2. Mod’s main changesAll DLC are requiered (mod built on new or reworked focus trees)
Sources are quoted for all changes.

USA* (AI only) USA won’t complete anymore war plans against the RAJ, Australia, France, Mexico, Italy if they are not in war with.

– Neutrality Act of 1937: closer to the real historical date (8 january 1937)

– Federal Housing Act (1 september 1937), Agricultural Adjustment Act (enacted 16 february 1938), and Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) have been swapped.
AI will not make Fair Labor Standards Act before early 1939 due to vanilla effects of Agricultural Adjustment Act.

– Two ocean Navy Act: closer to the real historical date (19 july 1940)

– Selective Training Act: closer to the real historical date (16 september 1940)

– Arsenal of Democracy (29 december 1940) and The Giant Wakes have been swapped (now available at 25% war support, rather than 30%)

– Lend-lease Act : closer to the real historical date (11 march 1941)
*AI will delay it 70days after if not enough representatives support.

– Louisiana Maneuvers: closer to the real historical date (august-september 1941)

– “War plan Yellow” and “Defense of the Pacific” have been swapped: the USA now build coastal forts on its islands consequently to Japan agression, and not when the war is near the end (in vanilla, USA could build forts on the islands even if Japan had already conquered them).

– Project Manhattan (1942)

– First Special Service Force : closer to the real historical date (july 1942)

– Build the Pentagone: (inauguration the 15 january 1943)

– Combined Bomber Offensive: closer to the real historical date (10 june 1943)

– Departement of Defense: closer to the real historical date (18 september 1947)

– US Air Force: closer to the real historical date (18 september 1947)

– Women service integration Act: closer to the real historical date (12 june 1948)

United Kingdom* (AI only) United Kingdom won’t complete anymore Benelux and Scandinavian Interventions while still in the second world war.

– Fighter Command: closer to the real historical date (14th july 1936; now 2 years sooner than in vanilla)

– “Military Training Act” (26 may 1939) and “Home Defence” have been swapped (27 may 1940)
MTA available when threat 25%
HD available when threat 50%

– “Bomber Command”: sooner as possible. It is still far from the foundation of the bomber command (14 july 1936) but that is all I can do.

– “Issue Gasmasks” now can be accomplished at 25% of threat instead of 30% (because sometimes UK couldn’t do it at the right time due to that trigger).

– Tizard Mission: closer to the real historical date (september 1940)

– Maud Committee: closer to the real historical date (results in march 1941)

– British Commonwealth Air Training Plan: will occur before 1945.

Germany*For the moment I cannot swap “Around Maginot” And Weserubung” due to unwanted consequently AI’s choices.

– Herman Goring-Werke: closer to the real historical date (july 1937)

– Reichsautobahn (completed around Franckfurt in 23 september 1936 then expanded).

– The End of Czechoslovakia (15 march 1939)

now before “Claims on Poland” (demand the city of Memel the 20 march 1939)

– “Demand Sudetenland” now can be accomplished with 700k men instead of 750k (because sometimes Germany couldn’t do it at the right time due to that trigger)

– Second Vienna Award: closer to the real historical date (30 august 1940).

– Form Reichskommissariats (summer 1941): focus completed in early fall of 1941.

– AtlantikWall: focus completed in spring of 1942 (corresponding to the “Führer Directive No. 40”)

……and many more changes. See the LIST OF CHANGES in the discussion.

! Moreover, the order of many non date-related national focuses have been reorganized to make that changes possible.

3. Current version and compatibilityCurrent version: 1.6
✓ Compatible with 1.7
× Known incompatibilities:
– complete overhaul mods like Millenium Dawn, Expert AI, Road to 56…
– other national focuses rework mod.
4. FAQSee the dedicated page below (in the discussion).

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Enjoy immersion in game!

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