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Hearts of Iron IV: MI2: Waking the Tiger (China et. al.)
Download this MI2: Waking the Tiger (China et. al.) mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

27 Jun 2020

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This mod adds MI2: Waking the Tiger (China et. al.) to the Game.

-MI2: Generic-
*For all generic uniforms, small arms, artillery, all unit SPEC and NORMAL files (shared between mods)

Suggested Mods: (adds equipment, artillery, trucks, mechanized matching MI2 mods)
Small Arms & Uniforms
Guns Trucks

Mod List:
1. -MI2: Extended Generic (Non-Ironman)-
2. -MI2: Death or Dishonour-
3. -MI2: Red Army-
4. -MI2: German Reich-
5. -MI2: Waking the Tiger-
6. -MI2: Japan-
7. -MI2: Together for Victory-
8. -MI2: Man the Guns-
9. -MI2: Europe-
10. -MI2: Balkans-
11. -MI2: Northern Europe-
12. -MI2: Poland-
13. -MI2: The Americas-

Mod Notes: -MI2: Waking the Tiger-

I found it very challenging to put this one together. I had to restart many times, as uniform information is pretty sketchy due to the sheer randomness of China at the time. I figure that this is probably the best I can do with what is out there. I do figure that there will be some minor revisions throughout, and feel free to communicate any information on this topic.

This mod is the key to all other MI2 mods, as it holds all of the small arms models and graphics, as well as the SPEC and NORMAL for all models in all other mods, so this one is a required base for all of the other mods to use.

This mod is fully compatible with Road to 56.

Weaponry and Uniforms:

(Great War Rifle) Type 88 Mauser
(Interwar Rifle) Type 24 Mauser
(Submachine gun) MP-28 (PRC PPSh)
(Semi-Automatic Rifle) ZH-29 (PRC SVT-40, MAN/MEN Type 4 Ariska)
(Assault Rifle) FNFAL (PRC AK-47, MAN/MEN M14 Ariska version) *Road to 56 only

I hypothesized that the Japanese would probably further develop their copy of the M1 Garand (type 4 Ariska) into something akin the the M14 for their late (road to 56) style weaponry. This is purely fiction.

For uniforms I had looked and used the blue winter uniform for winter (with modified hat), the light khaki summer uniform for desert, and a darker version for ‘all-season’. Many use the northern grey all season uniform. The Japanese puppet states start using the northern Chinese uniform, but gradually evolve more into a Japanese style (with Japanese equipment)

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