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Hearts of Iron IV: -Minor Immersion Reskin: France-
Download this -Minor Immersion Reskin: France- mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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24 Jul 2019

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This mod adds -Minor Immersion Reskin: France- to the Game.


I have been using Maya Autodesk to create the edited graphics. My subscription (free) has run out a while ago. I would like to revise all existing (make them more diverse/accurate) and create new models (aircraft, late weaponry, etc.), but cannot warrant a $250.00 a month hobby ($500.00 for two months). I could warrant a $50.00 a month hobby.

I have experienced some great generosity from the community! Enough to cover one month of maya, plus a good start on a second! I am astounded by the response, especially the large donations that some had given!

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Thanks for any assistance!


Level 0 infantry uses a long rifle (Lebel)
Level 1 infantry uses a carbine (MAS-36)
Level 2 infantry uses a smg (MAS-38)
Level 3 infantry uses a semi-auto rifle (MAS-44)
Level 3 cavalry and mechanized uses a smg (MAS-38)

1. Infantry is based upon models that do not have greatcoats. Tried to modify existing mesh, but a disaster.
2. Late infantry is using the M45 Jeanne d’Arc helmet
3. Vichy France, like Spain, uses a generic tag, so, unfortunately cannot be made (will revamp generics to get a more French look).
4. Mountaineers are using berets.
5. Models 2-3 are representative of the uniform starting to be introduced in 1940 (models will not use US components as historic, but, what if France survived).

*Going back to Maya: Revamping the base models for all (fixing errors of placement), plus to add more detail for each mod (e.g., for France: level 0-1 infantry to try and create a greatcoat by figuring how to add components from other meshes, better ammunition pouch design, improved mountaineer).

Complete Versions
Part 1: Scandinavia and the Baltic States
Part 2: Western and Central European Minors
Part 3: The Balkan States
Part 4: Asia and the Pacific Minors
Part 5: Middle East and Africa
Part 6: South and Central America
Part 7: Generic and Cultural Generic
Part 8: Poland
Part 9: France
Part 10: Italy
Part 11: United States

*Break from producing mods, going back to Maya to revamp models (greater accuracy, more models). Will complete 12-17 in the new year.

Part 12: Death and Dishonour DLC states (pending)
Part 13: Together for Victory DLC states (pending)
Part 14: Waking Tiger DLC states (pending)
Part 15: Japan (pending)
Part 16: Soviet Union (pending)
Part 17: Germany (pending)

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