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Hearts of Iron IV: Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns
Download this Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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16 Mar 2022

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123.19 MB

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Air Reskin - Paint the Planes

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This mod adds Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns to the Game.

Authors description: Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns

Paint the Guns – Total Naval Reskin (1.10.+ Collie) Fully compatible with ‘Man the Guns DLC’ & Vanilla.
Mod remodels & reskins all ships in the game to historically accurate war-paint/camouflage of the period.

Over 160 reskined ships when running ‘Man the Guns’ DLC.
20 different Transport skins.
30 different submarine skins.
All nations & defaults updated.
Commonwealth use UK Ships
Replaces tech tree ship images also for all nations.
Is save game compatible, so you can run it with your existing games.
Is Ironman & Achievement compatible.

This is a lite naval-skins only version of my DIE KRIEGSMARINE MOD, you do not need to run both if you already have KM.

*Recommend for use with ‘Man the Guns’ DLC, but is enabled for vanilla also, you will just have less ship models.

I love making mods, & I hope you enjoy playing them. Please feel free to help support me, this is literally what I do for a living. Your help puts food in my mouth. I do do custom mods by commission also. contact me for info & a quote.Patreon[]PayPal[]

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