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Hearts of Iron IV: Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns
Download this Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

16 Mar 2022

File size:

123.19 MB

Requires Mods:

Air Reskin - Paint the Planes

Direct Download:

This mod adds Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns to the Game.

Authors description: Naval Reskin – Paint the Guns

Paint the Guns – Total Naval Reskin (1.10.+ Collie) Fully compatible with ‘Man the Guns DLC’ & Vanilla.
Mod remodels & reskins all ships in the game to historically accurate war-paint/camouflage of the period.

Over 160 reskined ships when running ‘Man the Guns’ DLC.
20 different Transport skins.
30 different submarine skins.
All nations & defaults updated.
Commonwealth use UK Ships
Replaces tech tree ship images also for all nations.
Is save game compatible, so you can run it with your existing games.
Is Ironman & Achievement compatible.

This is a lite naval-skins only version of my DIE KRIEGSMARINE MOD, you do not need to run both if you already have KM.

*Recommend for use with ‘Man the Guns’ DLC, but is enabled for vanilla also, you will just have less ship models.

I love making mods, & I hope you enjoy playing them. Please feel free to help support me, this is literally what I do for a living. Your help puts food in my mouth. I do do custom mods by commission also. contact me for info & a quote.Patreon[]PayPal[]

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