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Hearts of Iron IV: State Transfer Tool
Download this State Transfer Tool mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds State Transfer Tool to the Game.

Authors description: State Transfer Tool

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!ATTENTION!!!With new compliance and resistance system cores added on owned states become visible after day tick (when the time changes from 23:59 to 0:00)Tired of using console to fix some borders? Maybe you just finished great ironman game and want to change some ugly bordergore? This mod is for you!InfoThis mod adds State Manager Tool based on scripted GUIs mechanic.It gives you ability to transfer states between countries to unlish power of transfer just click on the “State Transfer Tool” text or use shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + t”. When the tool is enabled clik on any province to see more options.The mod windows are movable so feel free to set them up as you like. 🙂 Use Ctrl+Shift+h to hide the on/off button so that it doesn’t obstruct the view.Transfer state tool gives you ability to freely transfer states between all existing countries.New abilities for you to use:Marking stateMarking all country’ statesMarking coloniesClearing all marksTransferring marked states to selected countryAdding and removing cores of selected countryMULTIPLAYER VERSION: VERSION IS FOR SINGLEPLAYER/COOPERATION USE ONLY! DISCLAIMER: When used in cooperation interface is shared between all players!If you have problem with mod check the “Bugs and Problems” discussion firstHow to use: Click on province you want to transfer Click “mark state” Click on any province of country you want this state to be transfered to Click “transfer state”CompatibilityThis mod should be compatible with all kinds of mods, so answering the most popular question: “Yes it is compatible with Road to 56 and Millennium Dawn” ;)Mod not compatible with the achievements!Local versionIn case of problems with other mods you can try using local version insteadTo download the local version of State Transfer Tool use this link: download[]To instal mod just unpack contents of the zip to your mod folder in user’s hoi4 filesINFORMATION!Descriptions will be improved in the futurePolish, Russian, German, French and English languages availableDo you want this mod to be also in your language? Send me localization files.Contact e-mail: mrdziurkacz@gmail.comChinese version by LonsWon: Translation by NIKA:

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