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Hearts of Iron IV: Coring States
Download this Coring States mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Coring States to the Game.

Authors description: Coring States

Coring StatesMod version: 2.1.1
Tired of having so many non-core states? Want to use all that manpower, building slots?
Then this mod is for you! It uses on-map decisions for coring.

There are 3 “difficulties” of coring:
“Easy” – 50 PP, 60 days, -1% stability for duration of processRequires 30% compliance, being at peace AND state neigbours one of your cores”Medium” – 100 PP, 90 days, -3% stability for duration of processRequires 50% compliance, either being at war and state neighbours your core, OR at peace but state doesnt neigbour any of your cores or no one has core on it”Hard” -150 PP, 120 days, -5% stability for duration of processRequires 70% compliance, being at war and state doesn’t neigbour any of your cores or no one has core on it
These decisions show on map when you are in the decisions tab

Compatibility Disables achievements In theory, compatible with all modsWhat does it mean? Well, unless some other mod purposefully overwrites whole decisions folder (which affects content from vanilla and all other mods), my mod should work with that other mod. There’s also question of overall stability, large mods had problems with previous version of my mod because there was a lot of events happening for all the countries in the world. Current decisions system should be more performance-stability friendly, but I’m not promising anything.Also, in theory, at any moment any other mod could be updated in such a way, that could theoretically result in mods not working together anymore.Also, with the amount of mods on the steam workshop, it is not possible for me to personally check compatibility with all other mods.So that’s the theory, and what’s the practice?Just check it yourself, please. In multiplayer, all players need to have this enabled Can be turned on/off without breaking savegame
Known issues None yet after 2.0 release
To-Do Balance changes and bugfixes based on community feedback
Credits Russian Translation: Kulac the Greatest German Translation: M@xley French Translation: KamiSama Polish Translation: yarDOWE Spanish Translation: puchenchito
They have translated original, event-based version of this mod. I have taken small parts of that, and used it in the current version. If there’s any errors, that’s most likely my fault! 🙂

All feedback is welcome!

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