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Hearts of Iron IV: Swedish GFX
Download this Swedish GFX mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

1 Mar 2019

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This mod adds Swedish GFX to the Game.

Seeing as Sweden has alot of indigenous designs of weaponry, tanks and aircraft, I was a bit dissapointed with the lack of any representation of Swedish military equipment. So I decided to make something myself. Note that this is a GFX mod, and will only change the appearance of the vehicles (though, I’ve added descriptions and more detailed history about the vehicles with the GFX). What I hope this mod will achieve, is to make Sweden a more fun nation to play (atleast more visually appealing to play, hehe.)

As of now, these things I want to implement into the mod:

– Swedish Tank Tree (main icons) (Done)
– Tank descriptions (Done for main models)

– Airplanes (Done) + (Rework complete!)
– Artillery Tab (Done) (Up for rework) (Artillery completed)

– Sub-classes for tanks in the tank-tree (Partially Done)
– Infantry Equipment, trucks and Mechanized (Done)

Compatible with anything that doesn’t touch or mess with Sweden’s GFX or the general tech-types, probably.

Ironman can be enabled.

I can always take suggestions.

Some notes for everyone wanting to download this mod:
– I will update this mod with new icons whenever I have time. Progress might be slow, but I will atleast finish the mod.
– Some tanks are partly a-historical or completely a-historical. (Specifically the M44-45 and the TM-36).
– The camoflage scheme is a bit a-historical, too (mostly the pattern).
– In general, equipment is historically designed and produced in Sweden. However, some equipment have their origins abroad and are instead either licenced or modified by the Swedish Military for indigenous use in Sweden. Most notably Finnish equipment, as Sweden and Finland have a history of swaping equipment with each other.

The following mods and creaters of mods have asked, and received, permission to use this mod within their own mods:
– stjern (Total War Mod)

Thank you for reading the description, I appreciate that you can try to find out things yourself.

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