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Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate WW2 Music Pack
Download this Ultimate WW2 Music Pack mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

16 Jun 2019

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This mod adds Ultimate WW2 Music Pack to the Game.

The Ultimate WWII Music Pack contains MORE THAN 100 various pieces of music from many popular WWII video game series like Medal Of Honor, Call of Duty, Battlefield and more. Such a huge collection of music won’t get boring for a long time.

Mod features:-116 pieces of music.
-Interactive music. The music will play accordingly to the ideology your country follows, and weather or not your country is at war.
-The mod is compatible with every HOI4 version of game to date.
-The mod is also compatible with every other mod on the workshop.
-Ironman compatible too.
-Additional music will be added in the future.

Full list of music:
Medal of Honor (Original): Main Theme
Locating Enemy Positions
Rjuken Sabotage
Merkers Salt Mine
Road to Berlin
Rescuing the G3 Officer
Road to Berlin

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Main Theme
Attack on Fort Schmerzen
Colditz Castle
Fleeing the Catacombs
Labyrinth of the Minotaur
North Africa
1st of September
Taking Out the Railgun
Tiger Tank
The Jet Aircraft Facility
Thuringer Sturmgeist
The U-boat

Medal of Honor: European Assault: Main Theme
Operation Chariot
Casualities of War
Redball Express
To Stalingrad
North Africa
The Desert Rats
Russia 1942
Battle of the Bulge
One Man Can Make a Difference

Medal of Honor: Frontline: Main Theme
Manor House Rally
The Halftrack Chase
Approaching the Tarmac
Clipping Their Wings
After the Drop
Arnhem Knights
Shipyards of Lorient

Medal of Honor: Pacific Asault: Main Theme
Boot Camp
Pearl Harbor Ending

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun: Main Theme
Taiko Brigade
Stalking the Caves
Requiem for the California
Singapore Docks
Tanakas Death
Jungle Swarm
The Sewers
Take Off
Hymn to Brothers Lost

Medal of Honor: Airborne: Main Theme
Operation Neptune
Operation Husky
Operation Varsity

Medal of Honor: Underground: Escape from Casablanca
The Battle of Monte Cassino
Each Night He Comes Home to Me

Call of Duty: Main Theme
Red Square
Pegasus Bridge

Call of Duty 2: 88 Ridge Crusader Victory
British Decoytrenches
Decoytown Victory
Downtown Sniper Soviet Tension
Point Du Hoc Assault Victory
Libya Charge Crusader
Rhine Victory Last Words
Tankhunt Russian Victory
Point Du Hoc Assault Victory
Trainyard Soviet Tension
Demolition Soviet Charge
Demolition Victory
Downtown Assault

Call of Duty 3: Main Theme
The Corridor Of Death
Night Drop Prelude
Road to Chambois
Call to Arms
Mayenne Bridge
For the Fallen
Les Ormes
Fog of War
Victory Melody

Call of Duty: World at War: The Final Push
Forest Fight
Stalin Push
Brave Soldat

Call of Duty WWII: A Brotherhood of Heroes
Welcome to the Bloody First
No Mission Too Difficult
The Wolves Den
Tiger Hunt
Birds of Prey

Company of Heroes 2: Main Theme
A Red Army Rising
Don’t Weep, That Time Has Passed
Not One Step Back
O My Brother, Be Strong
Onward to Victory
Stand, Rise Up!
Footsteps in the Snow
Tread Softly
Soldiers Be Wary

Battlefield V: Far From Home
I Vow To Thee My Country
Legacy Theme
Rotterdam In Ruins
Under No Flag

If you have music that you would like to see in this mod, feel free to suggest it in the comments. I may or may not include it, depending how much it fits the theme of this music pack.

I do not own any music included in this mod.

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