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Hearts of Iron IV: Donut Duel Mod [12 Player Maximum]
Download this Donut Duel Mod [12 Player Maximum] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

15 Jun 2019

File size:

39.530 MB

Requires Mods:

DD Submod - No Factions, DD Submod - Custom Factions, DD Submod - 1v1 [2 Player Mode], DD Submod - 1v1v1 [3 Player Mode]

Direct Download:

This mod adds Donut Duel Mod [12 Player Maximum] to the Game.

The Donut Duel Mod

I made this mod to play against friends or with friends against multiple AI enemies!
And all this on a circular map!
Have fun with my Donut-Duel Mod 🙂

This mod creates a world with 12 countries (therefore 12 players is the maximum number). Every country has the same starting conditions. Maybe you can recognize some country names.
Latest Updates of the Donut Duel Mod Collection:
Released Submod “1v1 [2 Player Mode]”. You can play 1v1 against a friend now.
Released Submod “1v1v1 [3 Player Mode]”. You can play 1v1v1 against two friends now.

v1.6 Main Mod Update
Better Heightmap + Terrain
Rivers run at national borders
Adapted version of “Stop AI Spam” by JohnWithAnHTTV is now implemented. The division cap is around 320 divisions (for the AI of course).

Released Submod “Custom Factions”

v1.4 Main Mod Update
Added 80 starting XP | You can add it through a decision (once) | The AI will do it always
Added 20 starting CP | No decision, you just have it
Increased Max XP Value to 800 from 500
Increased Max CP Value to 250 from 100
Reduced overall manpower to 160m from 320m | to 16m per state from 32m per state
Reduced civilian factories to 50 from 100 | to 5 per state from 10 per state
Reduced military factories to 50 from 100 | to 5 per state from 10 per state
Added 12 dockyards to every country
Removed researched doctrines at the beginning
Changed the “Elite Regiment” Template
Removed “Elite Regiment” starting units
Added Russian translation by Mors
Released Submod “No Factions”

v1.3 Main Mod Update
Update vor Hydra 1.7
Fixed the crash bug. You can play my mod now with the newest game version!

v1.2 Main Mod Update
Added custom difficulty dettings to all countries.
Reduced fortification max level of bunkers to level 6
Reduced fortification max level of coastal bunkers to level 8
Added Starting Units to the Capital of each Country
Changed four states in the bottom right to demilitarized zones
Enabled some vanilla events: such as nuke, acepilot, stability and capitulation events

v1.1 Main Mod Update
Every country has their individual color now.
Every country has an individual leader now.
An English & German translation is now available.
Victory points are named correct now.

v1.0 Main Mod Update
I fixed the crash bug and several other different issues.

Known Issues:Instant ship movementNo naval invasion possible
Future Plans:Random wars or multiple wars at an fixed time stamp (You have to declare war by yourself in the current version)More Victory PointsIndividual Troop ModelsMore choosable companies with buffs, like MAN or Porsche
Don’t forget to like and rate my Mod 🙂
And thank you very much for subscribing!

Best Regards
Have a great day!

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