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Kenshi: Kenshi: Genesis
Download this Kenshi: Genesis mod for Kenshi and train your people - turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

This mod adds Kenshi: Genesis to the Game. Learn and produce new equipment. Buy and improve your own buildings. Help different world factions, or fight them. Train your people – turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

Authors description: Kenshi: Genesis

Kenshi: Genesis Beta
Our Mission StatementOur community overhaul can be better described as a “Kenshi Plus” Or as the Community calls it. Kenshi 1.5! More content, more choices, more fun. The goal is to offer a deeper and more challenging Kenshi experience without straying too far from the original game’s theme.Nearly all cities have been recreated with better layouts and interesting architecture. Which in turn has increased the appearance, size, and functionality of the city.Most Factions will be given an identity, to distinguish them from others and increase player immersion.We’re aiming to increase the number of player quests that the player can partake in to give it that traditional RPG feel.Renowned modders from all over the world have pooled their resources into the overhaul with the sole purpose of improving the game we all know and love. Interview with Nexus Mods []IMPORTANT.If you are using the previous alpha version please go to your Kenshi mods folder, delete it & unsubscribe from the alpha. Then import your game while unchecking ALL settingsPlease note we will be using our discord server for bug reports and suggestions as we already have methods set up for users to do so through there. Please use the discord link below to report bugs or suggest feature additions. Preface This mod has been in development since August of 2019, on that note this mod is still very far from finished. At this point in time, we are mostly done with world-building and are starting to move on to other ventures in modding the game. This means some quests, dialogue, and other features are far from fleshed out.Gameplay, Utility, & Mechanical Changes:Max Faction Size: 256Max Squad Size: 50Max Number Attack Slots: 5Days Per Year: 365Sunrise: 4Sunset: 22 (Does not affect shops)Custom Map IncludedLight visuals have been changed. Intensity scaled-down & radius increased. This provides a much more natural blending of light sources.Mod features. Armor: 250+ New additions.Weapons: 40+ New additions.Dialogue: 5000+ New additions.Kenshi: Genesis & FriendsIf we didn’t use our platform to promote our friends and their hard work and everyone who has contributed…well that would be just stupidWhile i work on the next update for genesis please remember that none of genesis would be possible without the contributors and their hard work. Some of the work has been edited, tweaked and reformed, some work has been culled, other mods just had a tiny piece included, others were included in their entirety. There’s dozens of pieces of art, thousands of lines of writing done and hundreds of thousands more to come, some written by me and swishos, other portions have been written by professional writers and authors. So in that spirit i’d like to highlight some of these artists!Art CreditsLo-Fi Games a favor to a friend i’d like to highlight one of these artists, someone who not only does this as a hobby but does this as a jobSome of you may be accustomed to seeing his work but i’d like to really highlight it!If you like Kimu’s Work please go and support him by viewing & liking his art pages!Kimu’s LinksFacebook: Special Thanks & CreditsSnugsnug: Thank you for the endless time you gave to the project and all the creative and critical input you gave to us!Camelspyder: Thank you got all the teaching and time you gave to not only the project but the genesis communityShidan: Thank you for the endless time you give to the community and myself (atlas) with the million bug testing questions i have.Boron: Thank you for being basically my brother in arms on ideas and being smart enough to bring both our ideas to life 😛 Always happy to bounce ideas off you only to hear you are basically making them come to life alreadyMechanica: Thank you for all the support and help with buildings. Our cities wouldn’t be half as amazing without your input and work. Mods included:The mods included can be found here: go like and favorite there mods! If you want to donate to them most people have donation links in their mods! Discord & Donations [] Youtube Twitch [] Twitter

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