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Ravenfield: Mercs & Marines
Download this Mercs & Marines Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

27 Jan 2018

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This mod adds Mercs & Marines to Ravenfield.


I am Cravitus, Krevinator, or simply Krev! From explosive-slinging pulse rifles to rocket-hauling dropships, up-armored power loaders and plasma-spewing APCs, this mod aims to recreate the bulk of the arsenal operated by the Colonial Marines of the once-mighty ALIEN franchise!

Composed primarily of rapid-fire, high-capacity weapons such as the M41A Pulse Rifle, the Colonial Marines are well suited to rapid strikes, close-quarters fights, and general flexibility as they bring peace through superior firepower.

Although this mod contains weapons, vehicles, and skins, be warned that I am a solo developer in college doing everything in this mod pack, and have never done anything like this before – there will be bugs, and they will need stomping, so if you see something then let me know – I’ll get to it eventually!


Included in this mod at this time:
– 22 weapons and variants!
— M41A pulse rifle, GL
— M41C pulse carbine,
— M4RA DMR and mounted shotgun,
— M39 SMG and a stockless for secondary,
— M56A2 Smartgun,
— M37 Shotgun in trench and stakeout patterns;
— TA-01 Assault SMGs,
— VP70 Combat Pistol in single and dual wield,
— Spearhead .357,
— M40 HE-DP Grenade,
— M5 RPG,
— M83A2 SADAR,
— M78 PIG,
— M6B Rocket Launcher,
— M42A Scoped Rifle,
— M240 Incinerator Unit,
— And the M44 Sledgehammer Railgun!

– Seven vehicles!

— The M577 APC, with:
—— Dual gatlings and lock-on smart missiles for the driver
—— The M270 Dual Phased Plasma Cannon, operated by a gunner
—— 12 passenger seats and a rudimentary interior

— The M22 Jackson MBT, seen only in the USCM tech manual, with:
—— Main gun and coaxial MG, controlled by the driver
—— A hatch-mounted remote machinegun operated by a gunner

— The V62 Jump Jet, mixing the traits of a UD4L with those of a Harrier, featuring:
—— 70mm Zeus Anti-Personnel rockets and SGW Light Air-to-Ground missiles

— The AD17 Cougar, mentioned in passing in the tech manual, with:
—— Massive nosegun
—— Headlock Air-to-Air missiles
—— Hellhound AGMs
—— Banshee AT Rockets
—— Napalm Bombs
—— Everything else that comes with a space F4

— The SF72 Cobra, formerly used as the AD17
—— Explosive Minigun
—— Headlock Air-to-Air missiles

— The UD4L Cheyenne Dropship as seen in ALIENS, featuring:
—— 70mm Zeus AP rockets, 150mm Banshee AT Rockets, SGW Light AGMs, and Hellhound AGMs
—— The 25mm twelve-barreled GAU-113 autocannon, operated by a gunner
—— 33 passenger seats, for when you need to move a platoon and a half

— The Militarized Exosuit, known in AvP 2 as Alice, with:
—— Twin-Linked Miniguns
—— Triple reloadable Rocketpod
—— Long-range laser
—— Heavy flamethrower
—— Mech action in a package only slightly taller than two people!

– Playermodels!
— Colonial Marines, V2!
— Colonial Snipers!
— Corporate Mercs, V2!
— Corporate Engineers!
— Bonus Colonial Vietnoot Penguin skin!

Current projects in focus:- Tank, APC, V62 overhaul
– Xenomorphs

Vehicles planned:- AD19 Bearcat (Attack plane) (Modeled)
– Lighter jeep replacement

Other plans:- Custom UI for the SADAR scope (nonessential)
– Clean up the animations on a number of the weapons
– LoDs so you can stuff more mercs and marines in
– More skins
– More guns
– Xenomorph Expansion (Xeno models, weapons, vehicles (kinda))
– Iron Bear Expansion (Corporate-specific vehicle variants, weapons, special skins)
– Union Expansion (UPP/space commies)
– Colony Expanson (Maps)

Not coming (unless there’s a way to do it):
– Motion Trackers

Credits v0.2:
– ALIEN Franchise – Fox, James Cameron, Ridley Scott, etcetera – Primary source material, SFX
– A:CM – Gearbox/Timegate/Other – Certain designs, EG the mercs[vignette.wikia.nocookie.net] or the M39; SFX
– AvP 2 – Monolith – Secondary source material, designs such as the M6B, SFX
– Halo 2 Anniversary – 343 Industries, Bungie – Some audio clips (Rocket, battle rifle)
– DooM – id Software – Punch noise
– Unreal Tournament 1999 – Digital Extremes, Epic Games – Some audio

– Joe the Pirate – Weapons Modding 101, a guide that led me through my initial headaches and confusion
– Qwerty & Echo – Testing

– XCOM – Skull design for a wing icon
– Wolff60 – SF72 design

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