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Ravenfield: (PA – 2LW) Descent Through Radetziy Pass (Includes Configurable Version)
Download this (PA - 2LW) Descent Through Radetziy Pass (Includes Configurable Version) Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

14 Dec 2018

File size:

44.966 MB

Requires DLC:

Project Altirus: Weapons of The Second Leersog War (WIP - Now with smoke)

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This mod adds (PA – 2LW) Descent Through Radetziy Pass (Includes Configurable Version) to Ravenfield.

Map Type: Operation / Assault
Recommended bots: 80 (Minimum)
Recommended weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack; vanilla medic/ammo bags, wrench, saber

With a bitter winter on the horizon in 526, it was vital that Syrvania’s Northern Army Front begin making its way south toward Ludow, and more importantly, down from Hetland’s northern highlands. For the Syrvanian Northern Front’s 2nd Army Corps, positioned to encircle the 1st and 2nd Home Armies to the south, this meant going through Radetziy Pass – An inevitability seen by both sides.Hetland’s 6th Army Infantry Division had all the time and resources it needed to properly fortify the pass. Anti-air and artillery batteries dotted the mountainsides, and positions had been dug into any passable terrain. Nevertheless, the crippling effects from the raid on Castle Dazhik had manifested for the Royal Flying Service. As a result, fighters of the 2nd Air Division were appropriated by local army command, under Major General Arcibol Genevoye, in order to respond to any developing air threats should AAA be compromised. His counterpart, Division General Siman Laboz, would need to conduct the Syrvanian Army’s most ambitious breakthrough operation since Kitter Moer, comitting his force of mountain infantry, armor, and air assets to overcome the concentrated Hettic defenses.Syrvanian 2nd Army Corps is faced with dwindling supplies and threatening weather should they delay any longer, and must run the gauntlet. Hetland faces the bulk of its defense in the south being flanked, should 6th Infantry not stop the invaders here. The clash to take place in and above this frigid mountain pass is one neither side can afford to lose.

A map I was working on to more reliably evoke the objective-based gameplay of St. Lyvan ended up spiraling out of control when it became my first attempt at an “Operation” map – a large-scale “sandbox” type combined-arms battle with an emphasis on open-endedness, as opposed to the smaller and more focused maps made previously. Since it’s (at the time of writing) a mess and will take a while to get to a releaseable state, here’s a less ambitious attempt at a similar idea. Not as open-ended as I was originally hoping, nor with the same sheer variety of vehicles, but it’s more in line with the sort of thing I want to focus on with PA in the future. Still, includes a lot of first tries at a number of things that have yet to be perfected.

This map includes a configurable version, which allows you to replace skins and turrets/vehicles.

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