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Download this RF_DUST2_REVAMPED Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

16 Sep 2018

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33.068 MB

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This mod adds RF_DUST2_REVAMPED to Ravenfield.

One of the most played maps in the history of Counter-Strike.

My goals is to adjust classical Dust2 layout for Ravenfield’s gameplay. Main changes are as follows:
* Ravenfield-ish look;
* Complementation of said layout with spaces for safe respawining while also removing unexpected respawns that should aid attackers in their attempts;
* Arcade-ish look that informs about spawn points and capture points areas.

Technical information:
* Name: “rf_dust2_standard” – my vision of the map;
“rf_dust2_noholo” – version without “S” letters;
* Load time: 10 – 20 seconds;
* Very low-res textures;
* Ambience is taken from CSGO current (as of 2018.08.25) official Dust2 map;
* 140k vertices;
* Every model is handcrafted.

Gameplay information:
* Close and mid-range combat;
* I found it interesting to play with number of bots between 10 – 60;
* Recommended respawn timer 5 – 60 seconds;
* Map is made CT-sided, but you can easily change that;
* That being said, I advise to change starting spawn points for sligtly different experience;
* I do not recommend explosives. Well, except you want feel the mayhem.

!!! Original Dust II was developed by David Johnston.
!!! I do not own ambience audio, if you think it should be removed, contact me and we’ll sort it out.

I advise not to dissect/edit/reverse engineer files that were downloaded from Workshop, do not redistribute files in and outside of Workshop and gain profit in any shape or form from said distribution and any other file modification or manipulation. Just play the game.

Shout-out to: SteelRaven7, David Johnston, Valve, Roger Lundeen, awesome people on RF’s Discord groups, one-and-only iwanPlays and you. Thank you for giving my work a chance.

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