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Download this Greece Improved [Legacy] [OBSOLETE, UPDATED VERSION ON NEW PAGE, SEE DESCRIPTION] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

4 Mar 2019

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This mod adds Greece Improved [Legacy] [OBSOLETE, UPDATED VERSION ON NEW PAGE, SEE DESCRIPTION] to the Game.

This mod is now legacy This mod has been deprecated by my new mod, Greece Improved II, offering a superior experience! Check it out there. This is mainly kept on here for people in the middle of a game

Greece Improved is a continuation of Elymead’s “General Greece Improvement Project.”
It should be fixed for the Ironclad update. If any issues arise, comment them and I will try to fix them if time and circumstances permit.
*Fixed the event bug
« Current Features » (Taken from original)

* Greek National Focus Tree – Larger than that of any other country
* Specific events associated with the focus tree
* New generals and one new admiral for the Greek military (made by Vaevictis)
* Historical portraits for the Generals and Admiral (also by Vaevictis)
* The flag of Greece for each government has been changed.
* The name of Greece for each government has been changed
* Greece has 1 new state: ‘Sterea Hellas’
* Albania has 2 new states : ‘Toskeria’ and ‘Gegheria’
* Greece receives claim on Toskeria
* Tirana victory point has increased worth : 5 -> 10
* Albania has one new victory point in Toskeria : ‘Vlorë’, costing 5 victory points.
* Central Macedonia has 2 new Provinces from Thrace and Epirus
* Epirus reduced to actual borders.
* Thessaly reduced to actual borders.
* Thessaly has new victory point: ‘Volos’, costing 10 victory points
* ‘Central Macedonia’ renamed to ‘Macedonia’
* ‘Macedonia (Yugoslavia)’ renamed to ‘Vardar Macedonia’
* ‘Thrace’ renamed to ‘Western Thrace’
* ‘Istanbul’ (state) renamed to ‘Eastern Thrace’ (Need to fix this one in the localizations)
* ‘Kathestós Metaxá’ party renamed to ‘Ethnikí Kyvérnisis 4is Augoústou’
* ‘Metaxá’ abbreviation changed to ‘K4A’
* Georgios Kosmidis removed as leader of Greek fascist party
* Ioannis Metaxas is new leader of Greek fascist party
* ‘Ethniki Enosis Ellados’ party changed ideology from nazism to fascism
* ‘Ethniki Enosis Ellados’ party renamed to ‘Anadiorgánosis 4is Augoústou’
* ‘EEE’ abbreviation changed to ‘A4A’

—1.5.4 Update——————————————————————————————-
+ Added quotes from Greek leaders, and from other world leaders about the Greeks to loading screen.

—Pyrokagia Update——————————————————————————————-
+ Reworked focus tree and benefits from it (mainly to make Greece less OP in this mod)
+ Decision category to rename states in southern Italy, Turkey, and Toskeria to Greek names
+ Generally de-OPed Greece
+ Added Metaxism as an ideology for both Fascism and Neutrality

—Zestó Ioúlio Update—————————————————————————————-
+ Overhauled political section of focus tree
+ Demertzis leads the nation until his death (occurs sometime within 1936)
+ Alexandros Papagos, Sofoklis Venizelos, and George II added as potential leaders through event after Demertzis’ death
+ Konstantinos Tsaldaris can become leader of non-aligned through event mentioned above
+ Portraits added/revised for various leaders
+ GFX added for appointment focuses
+ Italy cannot occupy Albania, or influence Bulgaria if they are puppets.

—Man the Ships Update—————————————————————————————
+ It should be compatible with the newest update and dlc now
+ Improved portraits for Tsaldaris and Venizelos

—Future of the Mod—————————————————————-
This mod is outdated, the new version is posted above and below.
New Mod:

Original Mod :

Many thanks to Elymead for their work on the original mod!

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