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Brick Rigs: Aeromarine 40-F
Download this Aeromarine 40-F Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!


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This mod adds Aeromarine 40-F to the Brick Rigs.

Aeromarine 40-F Mod for Brick Rigs

My first seaplane! I can’t wait for water to be introduced so it can actually land and take off from it ^^

The Aeromarine 40-F Naval Trainer Biplane Seaplane from WW1 comes to Brick Rigs! It is a Pretty agile for its size seaplane, accomodating the pilot and a passenger! This plane is unarmed


Alt + WASD and mouse for driving



The take off, oh, the take off. This is a seaplane, and, as I had to make it take off from land here in brick rigs, I added two, small glass wheels on the base of the plane, they are low, unstable and fragile, which means:

-You need very even terrain to take off, the slightest bump or harsh turn will break the wheels and send you crashing into the ground

-You need to pull up very, very, VERY smoothly, but steadly. if you pull up a bit too strongly, your tail will break off and possibly you’ll bounce forwards. If you dont pull up enough and touch down again with a bit too much energy, your wheels will break off and you’ll be stuck

About landing, you’ll need lots of skill to land this, slowly and steadly, or your wheels will break

Once in the air, however, this plane is not hard to pilot, just take into account the following

If you start speeding up very fast and can’t slow down you’re suffering a bug that happens for using a stock propeller inside a custom one, to counter it, switch to a reverse gear (tap ctrl twice) and, yes, try and reverse in mid-air (press S as if you were reversing a car). The prop will start rotating in the opposite direction and you’ll slow down very fast. When your speed is fine, simply go back to a normal gear (tap shift twice) and keep driving. You can also use the reverse gear tactic to land in very short spaces or speed down suddenly to lose a fighter that is on your tail

Check your speed before pulling harsh manouvers, this plane can loop the loop and roll and turn sharply, but needs speed to do so

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