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Brick Rigs: Baja Buggy
Download this Baja Buggy Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!


File size:

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This mod adds Baja Buggy to the Brick Rigs.

Baja Buggy
Wait a minute, coycoy, um, that’s batteries Dune Buggy?
Dude, take the tomatoes from your eyes, this is not batteries buggy, this is a copy of his buggy, look carefully! Yes, okay, it looks very similar, yes, okay, the seats look exactly the same, yes, well, the construction of the truck bed is somehow the same, alright, I got it. But it is not a stolen vehicle because it is all in the same place as the batteries but better, no, not improved, just built differently. I was inspired by the shape of batteries, that’s true and the seats are just perfect from him, which I have then rebuilt short hand, is not patented. I improved the engine, then added my construction technique and I think that this buggy has the right to exist in the workshop, together with batteries Buggy. It’s best to compare them both yourself, then you quickly realize that this buggy is not batteries one.

There is a working speedometer, yes, it works, great.

A few technical data:

Parts: 480
Weight: 9,047kg

a HUGE thanks to batteries

I wish you a lot of fun exploring the whole *stoned cough* Details : )

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