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Brick Rigs: GTMV “Anaconda” Turbo Tank
Download this GTMV "Anaconda" Turbo Tank Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!
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7 Jan 2018

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This mod adds GTMV “Anaconda” Turbo Tank to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: GTMV “Anaconda” Turbo Tank mod for Brick Rigs

Now cry for Bob to change your diapers!

Let me introduce you the Anaconda Turbo Tank. This bad boy, armed with 8 missiles, turret, minigun and some explosive cargo, will get you through any terrain you want (but don’t go crazy, its mass is a limit here) as it has custom suspension to make destroying enemies even easier.

– Custom suspension
– 8 missiles ready to fire any time you want
– Player scale interior
– Cargo area
– Deployable plow


Normal mode:
Page Up/Down to open/close doors,
C to change view,
L, Q, J to activate lights; H to horn.

Alt mode:
Mouse to operate turret and minigun,
LMB to fire the turret; Middle Mouse Button to fire minigun,
W/S to aim the missiles,
A/D to deploy/fold plow and radar,
Page Up/Down to open/close cargo area.

With Num lock toggled ON:
Num 8 to detonate blue crate,
Num 5 to detonate green crate,
Num 7 to detonate red crate,
Num 4 to detonate orange crate,
Num 6 to drop all crates at once,
Num 3 to fire the chassis shotgun aka the shockwave.

To launch the missiles:
1. Hold RMB.
2. Activate thruster by pressing E on it (orange circle).
3. Press E on red circle being the closest to it (marked by me with red 1×1 cylinder brick).

The red overlay camera is crosshair for missiles. I have to say both missiles and crosshair are very precise (missiles go in straight line). However, there’s 1 missile on each side of the vehicle that keeps missing for no reason. I spent about 2 hours trying different settings to fix it and nothing helped. So, pretend it to be a warning missile.

Vehicle built in non-beta game version. Bugs may occur if you are using beta version.

Brick count: 1,927.

*Weak to explosions.

Have fun!

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