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Brick Rigs: GTMV Thanatos Command System
Download this GTMV Thanatos Command System Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!



13 Oct 2018

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This mod adds GTMV Thanatos Command System to the Brick Rigs.

GTMV Radar Services. Nothing is private.

Thanatos is a mobile command center system consisted of an off-road truck and operations trailer equipped with some harmful toys to command and support frontal units from a safe distance.

Features:- 16 rockets at your disposal
– beloved autocannon turret
– hidden machine guns to take care of unwanted guests
– small enough garage to fit that remastered patrol unit
– fully explorable interior for both truck and trailer
– special command panel for overambitious commander
– oldschool Lego look

——————————————–INSTRUCTIONS——————————————–1. DRIVER- WSAD to move
– J to deploy trailer stands
– Middle Mouse Button to disengage/engage the trailer
– Q for beacon; L for lights; H to horn

2. COMMANDEREverything is on the panel.

3. LAUNCHER OPERATOR- Alt to deploy
– Mouse to aim
– Hold LMB to fire. Keep an eye on the color of your crosshair as it indicates rockets’ accuracy (green=accurate)

4. TURRET OPERATOR- Alt+Mouse to aim; hold LMB to fire
– Q for lamp

5. SURVEILLANCE GUY- Alt to deploy cameras
– Mouse to look around
– LMB to fire the machine guns

6. HYPNOS DRIVER- WSAD to move. I recommend to use SPACEBAR as a brake. Sometimes you need to press it twice to work.
– L for lights; H to horn

7. HYPNOS GUNNER- Alt+Mouse to aim; LMB to fire

8. NON-SEAT CREW MEMBER- Press E/Q on buttons to use them
Known bugs:- When repaired, launcher may sometimes shake the whole vehicle. Detonate the creation to fix it or spawn a new one
– Although the ATLAS is an off-road truck, the trailer is not intended for extreme terrain conditions. Launcher and turret systems are hidden underneath the trailer, so close contact with ground may cause rockets to launch by themselves
– Rockets have tendency to noclip through distant targets. Close the distance when this happens
– Framerate above 60 is essential for all included systems to work properly. I am aware of high brick count of this creation, but lowering your graphics settings and closing unnecessary programs running on your PC may improve your performance

Brick count: 1,960
Cost: 12,071

Spent about 3 weekends on this creation…*sigh* Have fun!

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