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Brick Rigs: Mark XV-A Demolisher Quadrupedal Spider Mech
Download this Mark XV-A Demolisher Quadrupedal Spider Mech Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

30 Dec 2018

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0.129 MB

This mod adds Mark XV-A Demolisher Quadrupedal Spider Mech to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: Mark XV-A Demolisher Quadrupedal Spider Mech mod for Brick Rigs

Now with 200% more legs!

1103 Bricks

I’ve been working on an improved walking mechanism, and this is the result. This is probably the most stable mech so far, mostly because it haves four legs, but also because it uses a new walking mechanism that uses less actuators per joint.

• Press W to go forwards
• Press S to go backwards
• Press A or D to turn
• Aim turret with mouse in alt mode
• Press (recommended to hold for a little bit) the left mouse button to fire railguns
• Press middle mouse button to fire machine gun
• Press PageUp/PageDown to open/close the hatch
• Four legs!
• Lots of bricks!
• Lights and smoke to make you cannon reloading exciting
• Two cameras with crosshairs, one of them with an angle indicator to know if you’re facing forwards
• Dual stabalized railguns
• Detailed interior
• A box that probably does something important
• 98% reliability
___________THINGS TO NOTE___________
• Good fps recommended for best reliability
• Occasionally the mech may stop moving, just jiggle it around with WS or AD to fix that
• The cannon may misfire or keep on firing, best thing to do is either keep pressing the left mouse button or respawn
• Best if only used on multiplayer servers with low ping
• The feet may clip though the ground damaging the legs, this gets worse the lower the fps you have, can’t really do much about it except maybe reduce the weight of the mech
• Flat ground recommended

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