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Brick Rigs: Mark XXIX Mastodon Hexapedal Heavy Assault Walker
Download this Mark XXIX Mastodon Hexapedal Heavy Assault Walker Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!
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5 Feb 2020

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This mod adds Mark XXIX Mastodon Hexapedal Heavy Assault Walker to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: Mark XXIX Mastodon Hexapedal Heavy Assault Walker mod for Brick Rigs

Pretty Big

3812 Bricks

Around 440 metric tons (971,240 lbs) of armor, gun, and decor supported by 6 heavy duty legs.

______________CONTROLS______________• Press W to go forwards
• Press S to go backwards
• Press A or D to turn
• Aim turret with mouse in alt mode
• Press (recommended to hold for a little bit) the left mouse button to fire main cannon
• Four seats on the second level control the machine guns with mouse (NOT in alt mode)
______________FEATURES______________• Legs
• Too many bricks
• Lights and Smoke
• Room to walk
• No box
___________THINGS TO NOTE___________• Good fps recommended for best reliability
• The cannon may not fire (despite the lights and smoke working), just try firing again or respawn
• As with all mechs like this, the legs are glitchy and might phase through the ground and break several laws of physics
• Reduced FPS also reduces the speed of the mech through either feet clipping through ground or less friction
• Flat ground recommended
• If the vehicle fails to move properly, go into the editor, select any block, and place it again
• Not recommended for multiplayer

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