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Brick Rigs: P1000 with interior grid map version
Download this P1000 with interior grid map version Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

This mod adds P1000 with interior grid map version to the Brick Rigs.

5557 bricks

besides some decor, recolour and walkable interior there is no contraption, “simply” spawn it in on the grid map

to operate the hatch press a/d in operation mode

however due to the higher brick count the frames on my end dropped to 25-30, so i decided not to update the original one (55-60 frames). if you are not sure if your rig can handle it, but you still want to take a look, the garage performance improved in the last update, you can manipulate 5.5k bricks with ease (as long as you dont copy 2 or more bricks)

conclusion for creators, so that you dont waste your time / effort and might get disappointed:
<2k bricks for a big/stable creation ~2k - < 5k bricks for really big/long loading creations > 5k bricks long loading and low framerate
– to make something walkable you need a height of 6,333 (6 full bricks and a small one) reason for that is wheel wobble / physics

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