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Brick Rigs: T-72B
Download this T-72B Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

26 Aug 2018

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This mod adds T-72B to the Brick Rigs.

Specifications:Crew:3x man
Top speed:63 km/h
Armament:1x 125mm 2A46M cannon; 1x 7.62mm PKT machine gun; 12.7mm NSVT AA machine gun
Brick count:1,356

How to use:Launch smoke grenades – Num 3; Num 4
Choose ammo type – press button inside the turret (E) for APFSDS (10x ballistic gun) and press it again (Q) to go back for HEAT (7x gun).
Night vision lights (cosmetic) – Q
Night vision sight – use J button. (target marker sight~)
Fire extinguish system – Num 5
(AA mg can be used by any crew member in ALT mode, except commander)

History of T-72B:
The T-72 is a Soviet second-generation main battle tank that entered production in 1971. About 20,000 T-72 tanks were built, making it one of the most widely produced post–World War II tanks, second only to the T-54/55 family. The T-72 was widely exported and saw service in 40 countries and in numerous conflicts.

The development of the T-72 was a direct result of the introduction of the T-64 tank. The T-64 (Object 432) was a very ambitious project to build a competitive well-armoured tank with a weight of not more than 36 tons. Under the direction of Alexander Morozov in Kharkov a new design emerged with the hull reduced to the minimum size possible. To do this, the crew was reduced to three soldiers, removing the loader by introducing an automated loading system.
T-72 was a “mobilization variant” – it has much simpler engine and autoloader compared to T-64, also it use the same hull, but chassis was taken from canceled Object 167M (T-62B).
T-72 shares many design features with other tank designs of Soviet origin. Some of these are viewed as deficiencies in a straight comparison to NATO tanks, but most are a product of the way these tanks were envisioned to be employed, based on the Soviets’ practical experiences in World War II.

Late model T-72s, such as the T-72B, featured improved turret armour, visibly bulging the turret front—nicknamed “super-Dolly Parton” armour by Western intelligence. The turret armour of the T-72B was the thickest and most effective of all Soviet tank armour; it was even thicker than the frontal armour of the T-80B. The T-72B used a new “reflecting-plate armour” (bronya s otrazhayushchimi listami), in which the frontal cavity of the cast turret was filled with a laminate of alternating steel and non-metallic (rubber) layers. The glacis was also fitted with 20 mm (0.8 in) of appliqué armour. The late production versions of the T-72B/B1 and T-72A variants also featured an anti-radiation layer on the hull roof.

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