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Brick Rigs: TDAC LZ 129 Hindenburg Airship
Download this TDAC LZ 129 Hindenburg Airship Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

14 Apr 2019

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This mod adds TDAC LZ 129 Hindenburg Airship to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: TDAC LZ 129 Hindenburg Airship mod for Brick Rigs

flying sausage!

Here it is! The Hindenburg! The “flying Bismarck” is finally here with an accurate design! This airship was built in Nazi Germany during the 30’s. It was made for commercial use, it would do transatlantic flights from Germany to the USA. It got famous because of its horrible accident in New Jersey. By the way, the entire thing is very accurate. The interior has the same stuff as the real life Hindenburg, too. It’s “only” 1,245 bricks.


-Good handling
-Working engines (turn on/off with I)
-Accurate interior
-Made of foam and oak
-WW2 German flag
-And more!

Made by TDAC.

Enjoy it! 😀

Note about the flag: as you can see, there’s no swastika, this is because Germany doesn’t allow swastikas and some people get offended about it (it’s ridiculous but true). you can add a swastika by yourself if you want to.

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