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Hearts of Iron IV: Additional Japanese map fonts
Download this Additional Japanese map fonts mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

9 Dec 2021

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75.06 MB

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This mod adds Additional Japanese map fonts to the Game.

Authors description: Additional Japanese map fonts

Hearts of Iron IV is missing a lot of fonts.
In some cases, such as in the Japanese mods, those fonts are made by volunteers, but even so, there are still times when large mods lack the fonts to support Japanese.
This mod adds a map font that is essential for using Japanese in order to support those cases.
Please use this when you convert large mods to Japanese.

– How to use this mod –
1. Press “Subscribe” button in the page.
2. Wait for the mod to be downloaded
3. Launch Hearts of Iron IV when the download is complete.
4. Click “Additional Japanese map fonts” in the Mods tab to enable the mod.

– Caution –
This mod mod modifies the Core file and may not allow you to enable Ironman mode. I recommend disabling this mod if you want to unlock the achievements.
Also, this mod contains a lot of font data, which may result in a higher load on the game. Please do not use this mod if it causes significant load.

– About previous versions of the mod –
Due to many requests, I have prepared a mod for past versions of the game.
Please see the README.txt from the following link (Google Drive) and if you agree with the contents, download the appropriate one for your game version.
Please download the mods for your version of the game at the following link:

– Acknowledgements –
The following people helped me in making this mod. Thank you.
Genshin Gothic : 自家製フォント工房 san
Information : w.mikan san

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