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Hearts of Iron IV: Grain Resource And Food Stockpiling
Download this Grain Resource And Food Stockpiling mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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18 Apr 2019

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This mod adds Grain Resource And Food Stockpiling to the Game.

Grain Resource and Food Stockpiling

Mod Overview Added Grain Resource “Fuel” is now your Food Stockpile All units, including Infantry, need food to be effective Oil has been reverted to a production material New events about Food Shortages Decisions to build new farms New National Spirits to simulate Food Shortages Fuel storage and refinery techs/buildings are now Grain Elevators
I’ve adapted the Fuel system into a Food Stockpile system. To do this I have had to make several big changes to the vanilla HOI4 design. I’ve added a Grain resource from which your food stockpile is built from. Sadly do to how HOI4’s fuel system is coded there can only be one stockpile at a time so I have had to sacrifice the Fuel stockpile. Oil is now only needed for equipment production like how it was before MTG update. Not a perfect solution I know but this mod could be easily adapted and would probably fit perfectly with a pre-20th century total conversion.

To compliment the food stockpile I’ve added several events and decisions. Running out of food will now give your nation a major debuff but you can combat this by either building new farms or importing food but in any case you should keep an eye on your production before your food shortage turns into a full-scale famine.

Since the stockpile is now Food instead of Fuel, Oil based unit’s stockpile usage has been greatly reduced but now your infantry will take from the stockpile and in game will be the largest strain on the agricultural sector.

In the future I may add more unique events and flavor to Vanilla HOI4 but currently this mod is more of a Proof of Concept.

This mod will be hard to perfectly balance and I’m looking forward to community feedback to implement the proper tweaks. From my sources I do believe I have placed the Grain resource in a semi realistic manner but if you have better sources I will make changes.

Light VersionI have created a version of this mod that does not modify the state files but instead randomly places grain resources on the map when you start a new game. This version should be compatible with most total conversion mods with only minor issues.

You can download it here

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