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Hearts of Iron IV: Africa Rethought V1.1 [READ BELOW]
Download this Africa Rethought V1.1 [READ BELOW] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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22 Sep 2018

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This mod adds Africa Rethought V1.1 [READ BELOW] to the Game.

[Sadly, I no longer have the additional time to finish this project, as of now. Feel free to use the files for anything. If you would like to join me in my future development of mods like this, feel free to join]

Have you ever wanted to not only play a game of Hearts of Iron in Africa but also have a fun time doing it? Then this is the mod for you!

This mod rethinks the original implementation of the African continent into HOI4 and reorganizes it into puppet states controlled and supported by their European overlords.

Africa Rethought drastically changes the African theater and not only makes it possible to play a game as an African nation but also allows you to have fun doing it!

Playing as an African nation, you probably will spend much of your game fighting within the African continent, with some of the late game throughout the world (depending on the success of yourself and your faction). But do not fear! Fighting for your country and continent against powerful European and other imperialists in Africa is no boring task. Also, keep in mind you will never be alone; Your Master and the rest of your faction will support you in all of your endeavors.
This, however, does not mean you will stay weak throughout the entire game. It is indeed very possible to become strong and influencial in the world stage as an African nation if you play your cards correctly.
(NOTE: In the future, I am planning on customizing the African countries focus trees. New branches in these trees could include but are not limited to: independence from your mother country, war with African neighbors, and the formation of the African Union faction.)

Playing as a European overlord, keep in mind you will no longer have access to African raw materials. As of now, this may be a ball and chain, but if you are supportive of your colonies in their wars and claim territory from the colonies of your enemies, you will gain more of these resources back.
(NOTE: In the future, I am also planning to add a branch of European colonizers’ national focus trees to re-annex these territories in order to regain access to these materials. However, the African nations may be opposed to this unrighteous dissasembly of their government…)
On the other hand, you will have many more colonies willing to bear arms in defense of your country and fight for you. When you get involved in war, you will never be alone as you will always have your African colonies there to fight for you.

***** IMPORTANT *****
In order to begin construction and producing arms in African countries, you HAVE to go down the Construction Effort in the focus tree. This will not only give you more building spots in your states, but it will instantly build factories for you to use!

* Algeria
* Angola
* Congo
* Egypt
* Gold Coast
* Guinea
* Hobyo
* Luba
* Lunda
* Morocco
* Mozambique
* Orange Free State
* Senegal
* Sokoto Caliphate
* South African Republic
* Sultanate of the Geledi
* Sultanate of Zanzibar
* Tippu Tip
* Toucouleur
* Tripolitania
* Wadai
* Warsangali
* More countries to be added
(NOTE: These countries replace European colonies in Africa, but remain puppets and ‘colonies’ of their European Masters. These countries are not necessarily complete or finished.)

* None yet, will be added


Final Notes:
* None of the African tribes begin the game with starting units. I am currently planning on adding starting units for all African countries, but that may change. The tribes do however start the game with a custom unit division design, in which there are 3 infantry divisions designed for the low-manpower regions in Africa. This is a great design at first, but if you expect to have an army on par with European countries, you will need to change this division design at some point (when your nation is economically and militarily capable)

* The colors of the countries are subject to change at any time. As of now, the colors are slightly darker versions of their mother countries to reduce confusion and retain the original look of HOI4 Africa.

* The Italian invasion of Ethiopia (in the very beginning of the game) is known the be buggy. If you are playing as any of the Italian colonies in that region, just be aware that during that peace conference you will be forced to click ‘pass’ MANY times in order to gain the points in order to annex Ethiopia. I’m working on a fix for this, but until then, be glad the territory is granted to you rather than your European master. Keep in mind that if you are not involved in the war at all, the peace conference will pass without issue.

* The African continent is a great basing area for naval invasions of Europe. Keep that in mind in case you decide to neglect your weak colonies in their struggles in Africa.

* This mod has NOT been extensively tested.

* I am still relatively new to modding HOI4, so bugs are possible if not expected. Please leave bugs and issues you have discovered in the BUGS/ISSUES discussion on this page.

* I desire to eventually achieve a semi-historically accurate mod (although I am aware it is far from it as of now) and any pointers on this aspect of this mod would be greatly appreciated if left on the HISTORIC ACCURACY discussion on this page.

* Suggestions and ideas are also greatly appreciated and will be read and implemented (if realistic in terms of not only historic accuracy but also gameplay). Please, leave these comments in the SUGGESTIONS/IDEAS discussion on this page.

* Any other comments can be left below and will also be read by me.

* Feel free to join my Discord ( for more direct communication with me about this or some of my other mods and others who enjoy both the vanilla and modded aspects of HOI4.

* The European flags as country leaders are placeholders until I replace them with governors from their Mother Country.

* That’s all for now! Thanks for checking out the mod and please subscribe if this scenario seems interesting to you!

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