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Hearts of Iron IV: AG’s Blue Marble
Download this AG's Blue Marble mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

18 Nov 2020

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13.664 MB

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AG's Blue Marble - Ironman Compatible

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This mod adds AG’s Blue Marble to the Game.

Hey there,
So I made this map style for my mod – Darkest Hour – a long while ago, I liked the overall simplistic, flat and vibrant.
A lot of the Political Map mods after 1.6 were broken, and a lot of people asked me to make this so here it is.
Hope you guys like it, if you have any suggestions/criticism about the mod please leave it in the comment section down below 😉

Blue Marble changes the following :

– Darkest Hour styled Political Map (Flat and Vibrant)
– Thinner Borders
– Darker and Colorful Ocean Colormap
– New White Font, Clearer with better contrast compared to Vanilla
– No Performance Hits

Q: What happened to Darkest Hour?
A: The state of Darkest Hour at the time was unsatisfactory, it was far from stable and playable so we decided to hide it from the workshop while continuously developing it, the workshop page was made visible again (We highly advise you join our discord or follow our subreddit to follow its development)

Q: When’s an update for DH Coming then?
A: It’ll be updated once it’s ready, in the meanwhile you can try the Dev build on Git (Details on it can be found on our subreddit)

Q: Is this Ironman compatible?
A: No, However I am planning to make an Ironman compatible version soon

Q: Is it compatible with other mods?
A: In theory, the way we set it should make it compatible with most mods (as long as they’re not map GFX mods as well), if you find that it’s not compatible with a certain mod, let me know and I’ll try to fix it ASAP

Q: I don’t like (X)
A: Let us know in the comment section, if a lot of people share your opinion then it’ll be removed/fixed

Q: Can I use Blue Marble in my mod?
A: I’m afraid not, that’s why this exists in the first place, if you want to make this compatible with your mod, let us know and we’ll make it compatible 😉

Q: Why did you make this?
A: ‘Cause I can, and because people wanted it so *shrug*

– More Variants of Blue Marble, for instance, an Ironmode version, A Map version without the water, the Ocean alone …etc, it all depends on what people really want tbh

– Idk tbh lol


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