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Hearts of Iron IV: Beautiful States
Download this Beautiful States mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Beautiful States to the Game.

Authors description: Beautiful States

Make states Better, More, FixPerfect for OCD PatientFeatures- Restored Oder–Neisse line- Restored WW1 territories- Restored Mexican Empire territory- Accurate Rhineland demilitarized zone- Accurate Kaiser wilhelm kanal- Swastika uncut- Re-worked Reichskommissariat- Correct Position of Victory Points- Correct Border- More states: * Canada * United States * France * Germany * Poland * Belgium * Yugoslavia * Romania * Czechoslovakia * Some of African states * Some of South American states * Baltic states * Soviet Union * Korea * Austrailia * Balkan Countries * Saudi Arabia * Turkey * Japan * Greece * Scandinavia Countries * Mongol * Manchukuo * China * Caucasus states * Albania * Netherlands * Laos * Vietnam * Cambodia * Somalia * Caucasus region * Siam * Liberia * Ehtiopia * Afganistan * India- New decisions: * Request Burgenland to Germany (Hungary) * Separate Burma from India (Britain) * New order in France * New name of the cities (Leningrad, Stalingrad) * Revive the North German Confederation (Prussia only) * Glory of Confederate States (Texas only) * Invade Monaco * Question of Jewish state * Transfer States (Germany Only) * Mittelafrika(Germany only) * Golden Gate Bridge (USA only) * Territories of the Empire for German Empire * Reintegrate Old Legacy for German Empire- New events: * Pope Pius XI died * German-Slovak Treaty * ‘him.1’ * Capital of Austria-Hungary * Cairo Conference (East Asian version of Yalta Conference)- New Countries (checkout list)- Historical unique leader portraits for new or annexed countries- More Victory Points- Vanilla Map Fix- Vanilla Formable decisions Fix- Re-worked event ‘The London Surrender’ (demand Slovenia)- Dynamic state names (BETA)New Released CountriesYou can disable these countries via Game option- LIE | Liechtenstein- AND | Andorra- VCT | Vatican- SMR | San Marino- MCO | Monaco- DAN | Danzig- EGY | Egypt (as puppet of Britain)- ICE | Iceland (as puppet of Denmark)- HKG | Hong Kong (as puppet of Britain)Notice- If you have any ideas for this mod, tell me your suggestion in sub forum or replies.- Update period is a week. there are will be a new update in every Friday except new hoi4 update releases.- Compatible with nonDLC and DLCs!- Not compatible with Ironman mode- Not compatible with map, country and total conversion mods(RT56, KR, TGW, etc..)- Not compatible with Old save files- Not compatible with: ★Modified National Focus: USA, France, Yugoslavia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Soviet, Chinese countries, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Britain, South Africa, Nethelands ★Modified Events: USA, France, Yugoslavia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Soviet, Japan, Britain, Greece, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Nethelands- I recommend click on ‘Favorite’. not for me, it is for you, i usually notice important things on comment so i hope you don’t miss this.Support Language- English- 한국어- Korean: 日本語 – Japanese: by hebekegQ&AQ.Is this mod compatible with RT56?A:this is states mod. this is not compatible with Bigger mods.Q.Hollyshit, i love these states. can i using this mod to my own mod?A:of course. just add this to require mod or just write my name on credit :DQ.I want add other languages or update languages. what can i do?A: after translate it, just give string file. then i will add that.Q.Can you make compatible with ‘Mod Name’?A: NO.Q.I need old version right now, where i can find it?A: Compatible mod list- No swastikas- Coloured Puppet- Colored Puppets & Country specific names- Uncensored Event PicturesCreditFix sentences smoothly by Big BanthaAdditional Portraitsby KarlefeldtNew portraits by TheBolshevikJewVatican&British Burma portrait by FacundoSim

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