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Hearts of Iron IV: New Ways
Download this New Ways mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds New Ways to the Game.

Authors description: New Ways

!!!Due to the frequent complaints about crashes in 1938-1940, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE FUNCTIONALITY OF THE MOD WITHOUT THE PRESENCE OF THE MAIN DLC!!!

World War II is full of guile and heroism, great feats and terrible catastrophes.

But what if it had been different?

New Ways of Hearts of Iron IV is ready to answer possible!

This is a large-scale project that aims to improve the original game, making the gameplay more intense and interesting. New Ways adds new mechanics to the game and works through a lot of countries, adding a lot of new focuses, events and decisions — and most of them are based on the real story transmitted to the game in all its details.

With the New Ways mod, you can see what the history of the XX century could have been… Or create it. Help the French anarchists unite the world into a single commune, allow General Sanjurjo to revive the Spanish Empire, create pan-turkists from Istanbul to Yakutsk, or finally unite the whole world in the World Soviet Republic — the choice is yours.

New Focus trees:
— Generic + anarchist generic
— Expanded the Chinese warlords
— France: regular, left, cagular, collaborationist and Free
— Italy
— Afghanistan (0.3)
— Andorra (mini branch)
— Aragon
— Belgium (regular + collaborationist)
— Bermuda (0.3)
— Bolivia
— Brazil
— Bulgaria
— Dominicanas
— Catalonia
— Congo
— Greece + Cretan revolt + Hellas
— Egypt (0.3)
— Ethiopia (0.3)
— Habsburg Empire
— Hohenberg People’s Empire (0.3)
— Hatay (mini branch)
— Iraq (0.3)
— British Palestine (0.3)
— Liberia (0.3)
— Liechtenstein (mini branch)
— Ceylon (0.3)
— Luxembourg
— Rebels Of Macedonia (mini branch)
— Maldives (mini branch) (0.3)
— Monaco (mini branch)
— Newfoundland (0.3)
— Iran + Pro-British + Pro-Soviet (0.3)
— South Azerbaijan (mini branch) (0.3)
— Mehabad (mini branch) (0.3)
— Nazi Iran (0.3)
— Kashkai (0.3)
— Arabistan (0.4)
— Portugal
— San Marino (mini branch)
— Spain + Nationalist Spain + 7 Spanish minors
— Tangier (mini branch)
— Turkey
— Yemen (0.3)
— Armenia + Azerbaijan + Georgia from Transcaucasia: A Caucasia Expansion
— Small expansion of focus USSR, Germany and Japan
— Tibet (0.4)
— Nepal (0.4)
— Bhutan (0.4)
— Sikkim (0.4)

— In addition to the focuses, we also added a bunch of new mechanics that you can learn directly in the mod.
— Reworked/added/adapted new portraits for most countries.
— New game models for a new type of troops.
— Many changes to the map and borders of regions in accordance with historical references.
— A new, third scenario in which you can have fun with our new generic focus tree for minor countries.
— New icons for national spirits, focuses, and other things.
— New ideologies, as well as sub-ideologies and their political branches for some countries.
— Added also Ministers and new traits for leaders, portraits for them and bonuses.

And a lot of other things that you can meet in the process of playing our mod!

Our other mods have been integrated into New Ways:
— More Spies
— Nuclear bomb kill army
— Dynamic News Headlines
— Removing Generals
There is no need to install them together with New Ways!

— New Ways camera submod

— start track “The HU – Yuve Yuve Yu”
— redbaron for an Brazilian icon “Smoking Snake”
— used portraits from Jozef’s Vanilla-Style Imperial German General Portraits
— used army oob from Historical Japanese OOB with Manchukuo
— with the author’s permission, the mod is integrated Realistic & Immersive Intelligence Agency Emblems – Uncensored Edition
— with the author’s permission, the mod is integrated Latin America Iberia Icons
— with the author’s permission, the mod is integrated Lamp’s Eqpt Icons
— with the author’s permission, the mod is integrated Trade Embargo Mod
— with the author’s permission, the mod is integrated Recall Volunteers

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