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Hearts of Iron IV: Better Generic Tree
Download this Better Generic Tree mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

9 Apr 2020

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This mod adds Better Generic Tree to the Game.

Version 1.2.2 – Compatible with any version of 1.7 Hydra

This mod adds 30 new focuses to the generic focus tree, and modifies several others.

Altered Branches:

– The Industrial Branch: Several Focuses were added to give nations with more states more industry.
– The Land Branch: Several focuses were added to give combat bonuses.
– The Political Branch: You can now choose between a Non-Aligned/Democratic focus under liberty ethos.
– The Naval Branch: More focuses were added to give more dockyards and research bonuses

New Branches:

– The Doctrine Branch: Focuses that give research Bonuses to ALL doctrines.
– The Puppet Branch: Focuses that give a leg up to newly released puppets. A puppet released in 1940 should now be able to compete with nations that have had 4 years to build a military.

Altered Vanilla Focuses:

– Why We Fight: 1.5% recruitable population bonus. (Democratic/Non-Aligned Branch)
– Indoctrination: 1.5% recruitable population bonus. (Communist Branch)
– These changes help balance out the 7% bonus the fascist branch gives

Other Features:

– Free Choice: The player can choose any political path he/she wants to. There is also a cheat focus that only the player can complete, if the player wants to.
– AI puppets now choose the political path their overlord chose. So no more puppets will go fascist/communist when you are monarchist!
– Almost all of the new focuses only take 35 days to complete. Also, many vanilla focuses now take half as long as they used to. Playing with the generic tree should now be much more involved and generally fun.

Regarding the cheat focus: It is there if you want to use it. If you don’t, then ignore it.

Compatibility- Obviously, any mod that changes the generic focus tree will not be compatible with this mod. Otherwise, any mod should work with this one. I can’t guarantee it will work well with ai mods (like Expert AI 4), but using one won’t crash the game or anything.

If this mod gets 2500 subscribers, I will announce and commit to another focus tree overhaul mod!
-Well, that happened fast. Next up is a Chinese focus tree rework.

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