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Hearts of Iron IV: Cores & Claims GUI
Download this Cores & Claims GUI mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

30 Jun 2019

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This mod adds Cores & Claims GUI to the Game.

I wrote the text of this Mod in reference to EU4 and google translation. I think there are many mistakes but please forgive me.

OverviewThis mod adds two new features: the ability to make core states and to fabricate claims such as in EU4.
The AI can also use these features, but you can prevent this with custom game rules.

Make CoresWhen the state menu is opened on a colonial state, your national flag will be darker than normal.
Hover over this flag to see how much political power is needed to make the state into a core state, and the current modifiers affecting the cost. These modifiers also apply to the time it takes to make a core.
Fascism and Communism have their own modifiers, and it is possible to receive considerable modifiers if certain conditions conditions are met. However, the modifier caps at -90%.
If you have enough political power to make a core, you will see a “+” on the darkened flag. When this happens, you can start the coring process by clicking on the flag.
When you start core creation, a progress bar will be displayed on the state menu.

You can cancel core creation by pressing the “x” button next to the progress bar.
If you cancel immediately, all political power will be returned, but if you wait, the core will stop creation with no refund of political power.

Fabricate ClaimWhile justifying a war goal, you earn Justify Power against the target country. Justify Power can also be checked in the state menu of any state owned by the target country.
Fascism and Communism both receive modifiers to the daily Justify Power. Keep in mind, Justify Power will only increase during the justification period, and will not increase once the justification is complete. Justify Power will gradually decrease as the war goes on.
You can fabricate a claim from the button next to Justify Power in the state menu (the same button as the cancel coring). If you move the mouse over this button, the cost in political power will be displayed. This cost is initially cheap, but the more claims you have for a country, the more expensive it becomes.


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