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Hearts of Iron IV: Darkest Hour
Download this Darkest Hour mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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11 Nov 2018

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This mod adds Darkest Hour to the Game.

A spiritual successor to Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game is here…

A massive expansion of base Hearts of Iron 4, Darkest hour offers a massive amount of features and gameplay changes to further expand upon the experience, with more historical accuracy and alternative history than ever, all within the confines of great enjoyment. Dreams of restoring the Kaiserreich as Germany to its former glory could not feel any more immersive.

Regardless of playing as a Minor or Major nation; the challenge is taken up a notch to form a new gameplay dynamic of strategically planning your next moves, as world conquests are no longer easy to achieve, all the while remaining realistic.

We hope that with Darkest Hour, you may have the most enriching and enjoyable experience with our mod, along with a personal thanks for encouraging our development team to strive further in modding.

– Custom national focus trees for Germany, USSR, Britain, Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria (some of which are still under work)- Reworked and tweaked tech tree, extended to go up to the 1960’s and beyond.-Hundreds of new events to improve immersion and flavour, including, but not limited to establishing Reichskommissariat as Germany.-Tons of new decisions to fill out your diplomatic ambitions-Rebalanced weather and terrain modifiers for bigger gameplay impact-Rebalanced everything, from tanks to planes to ships and manpower; for a more authentic and realistic army composition-Considerable Performance boost (by fixing AI Division Spam and reducing Navy Sizes … etc)-New custom sprites for air and ground assets, with naval ones coming in the future.-A plethora of new 3D models to immerse you further with infantry proudly bearing their respective uniform and weaponry.-A brand new UI and under work political system in the works that will include government types and sub ideologies.-New loading screens and more than 75 loading screen quotes from famous people during the era.

Keep in mind that the mod is still a Work in progress.

Lead Devs :
– MrBlazzar
– Zoltarian
– Ekroth

Devs :
– andrea
– Der_Baltische_Prinz
– Batsy
– Dowutca
– kstar234
– Slin

Artists :
– Arvidius
– semic
– Unstoppabro
– xie323

Designers and Artists :
– Pasta
– TrueSoviet
– Wheelies
– Ainsley
– Bookmeister
– Cop
– German
– Kaiser Wilhelm II
– Monsieur Stalin
– Papi Charles
– Reinhard Heydrich
– TheEmperor256
– Zacharion
– Ghostsniper1701

Darkest Hour uses components from the following mods :
– Map Nerd by Yakez
– The DH Minister converted made by Yard1
– More unit levels vanilla range
– Realistic Air Missions (LITE) by Aerodil

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