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Hearts of Iron IV: Das ist Krieg
Download this Das ist Krieg mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Das ist Krieg to the Game.

Authors description: Das ist Krieg

This mod tries to adjust the game to reality and improved the gameplay.

Continuos focusNot need political power to maintenance; there is some news focus.

The guarantees of independence that existed, at the time of the game, have been established.
-Austria: guarantee Switzerland.
-Czechoslovakia: remove guarantees (Romania and Yugoslavia).
-Denmark: guarantee Iceland.
-Estonia: guarantee Latvia.
-Poland: gurantee Lithuania and Romania.
-Romania: remove guarantees (Czechoslovakia, Greece and Turkey).
-United States: guarantee Cuba. Liberia is a puppet.

New commanders
-Canada: Andrew McNaughton, Guy Simonds, Harry Crerar.
-France: Aimé Doumenc, Émile Laure, Georges Blanchar, Georges Catroux, Paul Luis Legentilhomme, René Olry.
-Germany: Eduard Dietl, Karl Wolff, Kurt Meyer, Leo Geyr, Nikolaus von Falkenhorst, Reinhard Heydrich, Teddy Wisch, Walther von Brauchitsch, Walther Nehring, Werner Kempf, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Wilhelm Keitel.
-Italy: Alfredo Guzzoni, Bruno Malaguti, Italo Gariboldi, Mario Roatta.
-Romania: Constantin Constantinescu, Constantin Pantazi, Leonard Mociulschi, Nicolae Ciuperca, Nicolae Radescu.
-United States: George Marshall, Holland Smith, Innis Swift, James Van Fleet, Robert W. Grow, Theodore Roosevelt, Troy Middleton.

Revised commanders
-Canada: Thomas Victor Anderson now have portrait.
-Germany: Albert Kesselring, Alfred Jodl, Erich von Manstein, Erwin Rommel, Felix Steiner, Gerd von Rundstedt, Günther von Kluge, Heinz Guderian, Kurt Student.
-Italy: Italo Balbo.

FlagsEach party of each country have it historical flag.

IdeasNew ideology section to can change the ruling party peacefully, this need a lot of politicall power.

IdeologiesAll ideologies have all rules avaible.
Neutrality can be boosted.

Peace conferenceIf the player is on the winnig side, is responsible for the distribution (to select a country you must select it flag).

PortraitsPortraits more in line with reality.
-China: Du Yuming, Chi fu Zuoyi, Gu Zhutong, Hu Zongnan, Sun Li Jen, Tai An Lan, Wei Lihuang, Zhang Xueliang (correct uniform colour).
-China Communist: Chen Yi, Peng Dehuai, Wang Ming, Zhu De (correct uniform colour).
-Germany: Felix Steiner, Paul Hausser, Sepp Dietrich (they are changed from Wehrmacht uniform to Schutzstaffel uniform).
-Portugal: Antonio de Oliveira Salazar (he has changed from old to young).
-Shanxi: Yan Xishan (correct uniform colour).
-Sinkiang: Sheng Shicai (correct uniform colour).
-Spain: Francisco Franco (he has changed from old to young).
-Xibei San Ma: Ma Bufang (correct uniform colour).
-Yunnan: Long Yun (correct uniform colour).

StatesThe essential states and claims have been correctly placed.
East Germany and West Germany now have historical cores.
Iceland is a country, not occupied by Denmark (Iceland became independent in 1918, the game start in 1936).

UnitsFor each country the divisions recommended for use have been added; they have “(DK)” behind the name.
Many countries with generic skins, now have skins from other countries very similar historically, some require certain dlc’s, if you don’t have the necessary dlc, the default uniform will be shown.

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