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Hearts of Iron IV: Directors Cut
Download this Directors Cut mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

11 Aug 2021

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This mod adds Directors Cut to the Game.

Authors description: Directors Cut

*LATEST UPDATE* – New germany focuses, new hungary air tree and more! See changelog for the full sauce

Want to join us in MP games, post suggestions, post bugs, ask for help, and see detailed guides? (Note, mod is single player compatible and friendly)
Join our discord!

We are noob friend and host noob friendly games alongside the normal games we host every couple of days (average 2-3 games a week). If you are new to the mod, it is recommended doing 1-2 test games of the nation you plan to play in MP as some nation’s can be relatively difficult to play well, majors especially so. Don’t be afraid for help for build advice in the discord, people are more then willing to help :).

New Things From Vanilla New Custom Focus Trees for Germany, Japan, Italy, Soviet Union, UK, USA, France, India, Slovakia, Manchuria, Romania, Ireland, Brazil, Australia and plans for even more! New Technologies, but not too much to overwhelm you. Think of it as vanilla +. New mechanics for nations to add depth to them, such as for Japan, Germany, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, USA. Balance changes to make the mod fair, and fun in MP and SP. New custom GFX for many nations (Soviets, USA, Germany, Romania) Additional flavor, such as new events
Being/ having been a developer for the original ‘Hearts Of Oak’ and seeing that it was not going to be worked on anymore do to various reasons (Or not going to be worked on for a very long period of time), I decided I would carry on its legacy.

“Directors Cut” is just a continuation of ‘Hearts Of Oak’ with more content and much needed balance changes/ bug fixes. You only need to be subscribed to this mod to play.

Link to our discord!
Have a discord community that plays Director’s Cut frequently (or infrequently)? Send me a DM on discord and I can list it on the DC server and can always mix servers for Director’s Cut games. Always happy to play with new communities and people, don’t be shy we have noob friendly games and have 25-30 player games at least once a week (We typically have 2-3 games a week).

All of the spicy mod changes and plans are listed there in the ‘change log’ section if you are interested! I am constantly trying to either add better balance for both SP and MP players or adding in new content. For logistical reasons, it is best to use the discord if you would like a response to a question or concern as it saves me more time and I’ll be much more likely to respond due to time constraints. Please do not DM me for things that can be posted in the discord channel if you would please though :).

Approved and given permission by the original mod ‘Hearts Of Oak’ and its current main developer Xen as a kind of sub-mod. Credit to it and all of the various other mods integrated into it.

Note – This mod (as well as the old mod) are not compatible with a lot of mods due to the vast changes this mod (and old mod) changes.

Credits (mods included partially/entirely):
mpu.daemos MPU – Map Counters (M) MPU Theatre Icons (Less is More)

Steffen better terrain view

电灯弗里曼 Lamp’s Eqpt Icons 3 – Unique Support Eqpt Icons

McNaughton Small Arms & Uniforms Guns Trucks

Gerrade Party Emblem Mod

Lugash Improved Political Map

Digital Ape !10 Support Companies (we have max 8 at the moment) Wide Division Template Window

Karlefeldt Additional Portraits

Edouard_Saladier Additionnal Tank Technologies

Markus1002 Finnish Portraits

TheBolshevikJew Several Portraits

Additional Portraits by several authors, full credit linked below Sensible Portraits

GFX From the Road To 56 mod

The following people from the MOD coop who have shared their icons in the GFX-sharing chat:

grestin | Pax Britannica – focus icons
Mapno – focus icons
Jubs | AOTR – focus icons

3d plane model credits to: -Pacific Kempeitai
-Rittel Runkel
-Pedro Caparros

Also, a big thank you to the GFX artists who have contributed to assets to the shared repositories that are floating around the HOI4 modding discord.

I don’t accept any direct payment, feel free to send spare steam games to me tho :).

Original mod here

Want the mod for the pretty blue water? Check it out here
NOTE – is not in the mod currently, I just had it on when I took the screenshots.

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