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Hearts of Iron IV: Horstorical Multiplayer
Download this Horstorical Multiplayer mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Horstorical Multiplayer to the Game.

From my experience, and from that of others, this mod will run significantly faster than vanilla and somewhat faster than Cope’s Vanilla Optimised.

Horstorical Multiplayer is a competitive historical HOI4 mod with mostly vanilla defines (see image), The mod has numerous alterations to improve your overall gameplay experience while balancing the game more. The deviations from vanilla, when compared with major non-vanilla MP mods such as Spot, GDU, or JFU/BZKFU, are minor.

Major features:
-Optimization mod built in
-Meme focus paths removed
-Many events changed to prevent misclicks
-Many quality of life changes/features
-New and unique post-capitulation France focus branch and a post-capitulation focus path for Norway as well
-a reworked, playable Assertiveness path for Manchukuo offering a different playstyle
-New continuous focus to improve mobilization speed
-Consistent battles for Africa, without requiring additional factories or resources on the map to incentivize the Axis to play for it
-Special Forces cap of 60, letting minors have fun with special forces
-Custom peace events for Ethiopia (annex/puppet), Finland (partial annexation), Iran (partial annexation), and Afghanistan (annex/puppet) in order to reduce the number of peace conferences down to 3 (Yugo/Greece/China)
-Events have been systematically ANTI-CHEATED
-Added a system for detecting special forces cap exploiting and adding a national spirit to nations which exploit (it only displays their current SF battalion count and their max SF battalion cap)

Starting industry and resources are barely changed, combat mechanics and defines work the same with few alterations (see changelog please), no new focus trees (a few new branches however), no general or general trait changes. Overall gameplay is nearly identical to vanilla.

Note: The mod incorporates some rules from the old Horst Discord Ruleset to make the game run more consistently without forcing us to have a bloated ruleset and policing players all the time. It is recommended that you copy our current ruleset and make adjustments to it for your discord games.

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Game Junkie
  • Batman
    26.02.2021 at 13:46

    Mod used to be fine, but then there so many changes to it that its become unplayable, and the fact mod updates like everyday several times so if you play Multiplayer people must constantly resubscribe in order to make sure they have latest version.

    Some people said their virus program notified of a miner being embedded in the mod but I am not sure if its true, only 78 people have reported it so far in our server but we have like 3000+ people.
    The mod does run a lot harder on my PC than just vanilla usually CPU is at 105 degrees constantly but I think its just my CPU being bad, its just a first gen Threadripper with 32 cores but it might be time to upgrade.

    Overall, I wish the mod community would stop killing other servers and perhaps spend more time fixing mod and make it better for all of us.

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