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Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich Graphical Overhaul
Download this Kaiserreich Graphical Overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

3 Aug 2019

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38.041 MB

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This mod adds Kaiserreich Graphical Overhaul to the Game.

REQUIRES KAISERREICH VERSION 0.9.3! Otherwise your game will crash.

This mod aims to overhaul the general look of the world of Kaiserreich and give a it a darker, more grim look. I personally feel that base game looks a bit too… “arcadey” to simulate the setting.

The changes of this mod will obviously look better the higher your graphics settings are.

The Kaiserreich Graphical Overhaul has:

– New textures for all terrain.
– Updated sea color and reflections.
– White map font. (thanks RGFX!)
– Thicker, more pronounced borders.
– Altered country colors to make the map more aesthetically pleasing.
– Various other small cosmetic changes, from cities to unit models. (check changelog)
– Virtually no performance loss!

Frequently Asked Questions – please read these before posting a question in the comments.

Question: Why doesn’t the sea in my game look like your screenshots?
Answer: ENABLE REFLECTIONS! The performance impact is minimal and will make the map look ten times as good.

Question: Does this mod work with X cosmetic mod?
Answer: Only if it’s a small niche mod, since this one is quite extensive. Feel free to try, but no guarantees.

Question: Are you planning on making this kind of mod for the base game or another HoI4 mod?
Answer: I made one that is compatible with vanilla, check the top of the description. I’m currently not planning on making one for another overhaul mod unless enough people actually want it.

Question: Can I use something from your mod in my mod?
Answer: Sure, as long as you credit me or this page. Kaiserreich developers can integrate anything they want, don’t need them to credit me.

Question: Is Kosovo actually Serbia?
Answer: Yes.

If Kaiserreich just updated, expect an update within two days. I might be busy or just simply not paying attentions to Kaiserreich updates, so spam me in the comments if I don’t update it.

Furthermore, I plan to keep updating the mod and adding new features to it. At least for the near future.
You can see the update history of the mod in the changelog tab.

if you have any suggestions, encounter any problems, or have some other sort of feedback; let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the mod.

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