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Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich – Meaningful Ideologies
Download this Kaiserreich - Meaningful Ideologies mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

21 Jun 2019

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This mod adds Kaiserreich – Meaningful Ideologies to the Game.

Authors description: Kaiserreich – Meaningful Ideologies

This is a simple submod that adds modifiers to each political ideology in Kaiserreich to make the ideologies feel more distinct and flavorful. Each ideology group (socialist, liberal, and reactionary) has a common positive and negative modifier, and each ideology receives an additional positive modifier.

Socialist ideologies receive:
+ 8% factory and dockyard output
– 10% stability

Liberal ideologies receive:
+ 10% stability
– 15% war support

Reactionary ideologies receive:
+ 15% recruitable population factor
– 5% research speed

Each ideology’s unique modifier:
Totalist: – 4% consumer goods factories
Syndicalist: + 15% construction speed
Radical Socialist: + 20% production efficiency retention
Social Democrat: + 10% political power gain
Social Liberal: + 5% research speed
Market Liberal: + 10% production efficiency growth
Social Conservative: + 15% Resource gain efficiency
Authoritarian Democrat: + 10% stability
Paternal Autocrat: + 10% political power gain
National Populist: – 10% resources to market

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