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Hearts of Iron IV: Naval Research Slot
Download this Naval Research Slot mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

22 Sep 2019

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This mod adds Naval Research Slot to the Game.

What is this Mod?This mod add research slot only can research naval technologies.

Mod Compatibility
Can’t say concrete, but maybe can compatible with non change technologies.

Ironman not compatible

Known IssueCan’t change first naval doctrine tree in naval research slot.
If you want change naval doctrine, please complete research first naval doctrine in normal research slot,
then research lest doctrine in naval research slot.

Update InfoVer.alpha 0.21
*Slot position changed for low resolution settings.
A little under y-axis for high resolution settings.

Ver.alpha 0.20
*Doctrine research supported.
*Ahead of time lag issue a little improved.

Ver.alpha 0.15
*Ahead of Time research supported.
ETA is temporally calculated value and incorrect. Lag become smaller while research in progress.
For cut off of value under 0.001, the eta will a little different than true eta.

Ver.alpha 0.14(2019.06.07)
*AI can use this mod’s slot.
*Added tooltip when “mouse on” on technologies’ icons.
*You can save at most 30 days progress when no research in this mod’s slot.

Ver.alpha 0.13
*Corrected mistake on research speed formula.
*Adjusted to naval manufacturer’s research speed bonus.
*Now you can view technology chain.
*Now you can view what technology you can research, what you can’t research and what you researched.

Ver.alpha 0.12
*Can research naval technologies.
*You can view what technology researching.
*Progress bar added!
*Technology name view added. Swap to “Naval Research Slot” strings.
*In technology select view, only show technologies that you can research.

Q.AI use this slot?
A.Not yet. In future, I’ll do AI features.

*AI improve.

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