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Hearts of Iron IV: Naval Rework Mod II
Download this Naval Rework Mod II mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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1 Mar 2020

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22.643 MB

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Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns

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This mod adds Naval Rework Mod II to the Game.

DescriptionNaval Rework Mod returns for Man the Guns.

VersionCurrently BETA – expect potential issues
v1.1.4 for HOI4 1.7.1

Features-Over 1200 new modules for the ship designer, allowing for a range of historical designs from Iron Duke to Yamato (and a little beyond)
-Reworked ship designs concept, further breaking apart hulls (which represent hullform & general ship design now) and equipment
-Choices matter, do you really need those extra 2 knots of speed or that extra set of torpedo launchers? Almost all aspects will impact build cost, speed & fuel usage
-Rebalanced naval stats, buildtimes and other factors
-Reworked ‘stockalike’ technology tree
-Extended and refined naval OOB for 1936

Known issues-Only english localization available at the moment
-No country specific equipment names yet
-Only 1936 start is available – 1939 will not be supported
-Certain equipment/engine combinations allow for unrealistically high speeds
-Ship designer top down view only shows main battery configuration
-The non-MTG techtree and OOBs are unsupported – this will be a MTG only mod
-AI currently uses a shared set of designs – nation and ideology specific ones will be added soon
-Japanese Torpedo Cruiser focus will be reworked
-Fine tuning of buildcosts and other stats ongoing
-The mod has been designed and tested with 1080p and 1440p resolutions – it should work fine on others, but has not been tested
-Some existing ships are beyond the limits of the modules I created – on the low ends this includes a number of old armoured/protected cruisers and gunboats, and on the high end some large DDs, cruiser submarines and coastal defence ships – I will extend the range of modules eventually as sensible to fit these designs

Possible additions-Further hull types, such as Escort (to cover Corvettes and other light craft). Possible breakdown of DD, CA/CL, BB along the lines of SS at the moment
-Improvements to the treaty system, including caliber restrictions

CompatibilityThe mod is likely to be incompatible with any mods that
-Changes the naval OOB
-Changes or adds naval equipment
-Changes how the equipment designer or its GUI work
-Changes the naval, MTG_naval, artillery or electronics technologies
-Changes the tech tree artwork or GUI
-Alters the national focus trees for UK, Japan, Netherlands, Germany or USA
-Alters national ideas, or design company traits

If you want to know about compatibility with a certain mod, please ask in the comments and I will get back to you once I have checked.

Reuse, Adaption, Etc.You are free to reuse or adapt any or all parts of this mod, provided that credit and a link to the original is provided either on the workshop page or associated documentation

CreditsMany thanks to Paradox for the game and a very impressive expansion.
A special shoutout to Axe99 for his thoughts and support!
Thanks also to everyone else who has helped test and develop this further!

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