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Hearts of Iron IV: Realistic & Immersive Country Flags – Uncensored Edition
Download this Realistic & Immersive Country Flags - Uncensored Edition mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Realistic & Immersive Country Flags – Uncensored Edition to the Game.

Authors description: Realistic & Immersive Country Flags – Uncensored Edition


Intended as the most comprehensive and complete flag pack on Steam Workshop – prioritizing historical accuracy with vanilla feel over meme flags.
Made by historical accuracy WW2/flag fanatic who isn’t able to play vanilla hoi4 because of its many inaccuracies.

Almost 900 new flags including:
– all vanilla countries,
– formable nations from Waking the Tiger,
– newly added countries from Man the Guns,
– some completely new flags that were not included in vanilla hoi4 (like Franco-British Union)
– WAR FLAGS(!!!) – units of countries like Germany and Japan will use different flag versions from country flags
Feel free to post your opinions and suggestions in the comments down below.

Flag sources:
– in some cases I made the flag myself from the scratch

Special thanks to:
– Project FLAGS author for some obvious inspiration on some more exotic flags – link to the mod:
– Adiya’s Historical Flag Pack author for the idea and for making the first flag mod for hoi4 that I ever used – link to the mod:


– Why X flag looks like Y when it should look like Z?
— I’ve made/selected/chosen all of the flags in the mod by myself. Post your observation in the comments – if it’s my mistake I’ll correct it.

– Why did you upload the mod when there are already so many flag mods for HoI4 on Steam Workshop?
— None of the mods I’ve seen were as comprehensive as this one. So far only the Project FLAGS seems to be on par with this mod – as both replace all vanilla flags.

– Why does this X african/formable nation has a flag like this?
— Most of the african and formable nations didn’t exist by the time of WW2 so obviously I had to use later flags from ’60s or ’70s.

– Why doesn’t flag X change between democratic/neutral/fascist version?
— Because historically it never changed even when government has changed. For ex. Romania, Japan, Italy etc. were using the same flags even after the change of government.

– Is there some sort of censored version without totalitarian symbols?
— Yes. All you need to do is download my Censor Cap available here:

– I like Project FLAGS mod (or any other similar mod) more than your mod.
— Good for you. This mod is only intended to give you an alternative.

– Some communist flags are really strange…
— Give me the idea for replacement then. I am open to suggestions.

I am aware that War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army and Ensign of the Imperial Japanese Navy are different flags. I can only chose to use one of them and I chose IJA flag for all Japanese land and naval units.

See collections posted above for more of my mods.

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