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Hearts of Iron IV: The1Corrupted’s Cheat Decisions
Download this The1Corrupted's Cheat Decisions mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

18 Nov 2019

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This mod adds The1Corrupted’s Cheat Decisions to the Game.

Due to popular demand, I did see to update this mod but at the same time I didn’t want to update it without adding the feature so many had requested. Now there is a way to cancel each modifier increase, or you can let it time out on its own. Happy gaming!!


This is a mod that I made out of necessity. There used to be a mod available called Faster Ship Building, but it was pulled from the workshop.

So I decided to re-create the mod with a few extras. Also, I feel like 1 year is enough time to give anyone a huge head start in the game, but all decisions are repeatable. And I wanted something that targeted production, and amping military power for your country only. Make any country a super power!

The Baby boom was added just for fun. Ever wanted to grow your country to have SOVIET levels of population!? Well it would take a few years but you can get there! I chose this over manpower because anyone can just “add manpower”. It may feel slow compared to just adding manpower, but this is a little different. Change your conscripting laws, and your manpower pool will see a drastic change.

Anyway, you can now take the following decisions:

1. Increase monthly population growth 7500%
2. If your nation does not have 6 research slots, sets to 6 research slot.
– 2a. Added time-ahead reductions to ease into more technologies.
– 2b. Adds national spirit to increase encryption/decryption, and discount laws. Also adds weekly war support and stability.
2. Increase dockyard production: 100% / 500% / 1000% / 2000%
3. Increase military factory production and efficiency gain: 100% / 500% / 1000% / 2000%
– 3a. Efficiency gains are 10% the full production gain.
4. Increase construction speed: 100% / 500% / 1000% / 2000%
5. Decrease division training time: 20% / 40% / 80%
6. Increase research rate: 100% / 200% / 500%
7. Increase political power gain by +10 / +50 / +100 (Also comes with political power gain booster)
8. Add 12 production of a resource to a random core state.

Each decision has an event for continuation (so you don’t miss your next renewal! :D)

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