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Hearts of Iron IV: Turkey Turan Focused
Download this Turkey Turan Focused mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

15 Nov 2019

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This mod adds Turkey Turan Focused to the Game.

Authors description: Turkey Turan Focused

Greetings in this mode, Turkey begins the world of 1936 with a focus on establishing the Turanian unity and the Ottoman Empire.

My goal in this mode is to defeat the unity of the Soviets and establish the Turan unity by strengthening Turkey above the normal of history.
And I also added a focal tree for the Ottoman Empire.

Languages: English And Turkish


– Turkey can establish Turan Union with the necessary countries.

– I added a redesigned Focus Tree to Turkey.(I didn’t want to deal with things like the factory, the Army, the Polish foundation, I just added sections for politics and Turan.)

– With the focus tree you can appoint new leaders to the country, I propose after Atatürk’s death, and that leader does not go with ideology.

– Turkey starts with advantageous bonuses for a certain period of time.

-I updated Turkey’s equipment information.

– I designed a new portrait of Atatürk and gave him a leadership bonus.

– I’ve added portraits for other leaders.

– I designed new icons for the focus tree.

– I designed 2 flags for the Turan Union.

– I added marshals and commanders.

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