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Hearts of Iron IV: Unlock All Ideologies For All Countries
Download this Unlock All Ideologies For All Countries mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

1 Nov 2020

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This mod adds Unlock All Ideologies For All Countries to the Game.

A mod for people like me who would like to play as non-aligned country from time to time or simply change ideology in the middle of the game. Should be compatible with every other mod on Steam Workshop (even Road to 56 if you want it).

The vanilla game doesn’t allow the player to change ideology of a nation after picking certain focuses within focus tree, so I made this mod to allow it.

This mod adds new decision category called “Political Direction” together with immersive decision/event chain allowing the player to change country ideology over time with the cost of pp.

Now you can change ideology mid- to late game. It doesn’t matter if you play with or without DLC or with the countries that use custom or generic focus trees. New decisions/events are available for every country in the game.

The AI won’t use these decisions to switch ideology. Only the player can use them:
– basic ideology boost (+0,2 daily) costs 300 political points,
– you can boost the ideology even more (+0,1 daily for 150 pp) up to +0,5 daily for a total of 750 pp,
– you can cease boosting ideology any time without additional pp cost,
– when a certain ideology goes above 50% support you can take the decision to switch to this ideology,
– you can promote fascism, communism, democracy and non-aligned (you can always switch to non-aligned and play as non-aligned now which was impossible for 99% of the countries!)

If you find any typos, bugs or want non-english translation let me know in the comments below.

Russian translation is already in (thanks to @PolarQuest for translating the mod)

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