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Brick Rigs: GTMV Sisyphus Supply Truck
Download this GTMV Sisyphus Supply Truck Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

16 Dec 2018

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This mod adds GTMV Sisyphus Supply Truck to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: GTMV Sisyphus Supply Truck mod for Brick Rigs

Provisions en route.

When it comes to moving both supplies and heavy equipment to the frontlines, Sisyphus Truck becomes a viable choice. Equipped with 2 anti-tank missiles and machine gun turret, this vehicle is capable of transporting important provisions without taking any risk. Its ability to tow an AA gun provides protection from aerial units as well.
The truck is carrying an experimental shipment which can be used in emergency situations.

1. Driver- WSAD to move
– X to deploy AA gun stands
– Middle Mouse Button to disengage/engage the AA gun trailer
– Alt+Mouse to aim the anti-tank missiles; H and J to launch
– Q to openclose the tailgate
– LMB to horn; L for lights; I for warning lights;

2. Passenger- Alt to activate hidden experimental weapon
– Hold LMB to fire

3. Rooftop MG Operator- Alt+Mouse to aim; LMB to fire

4. AA Gun Operator- Alt+Mouse to aim; LMB to fire

Doors can be opened/closed by pressing E/Q on proper switches.
Known bugs:- Due to the wheel bouncing bug, I recommend to use 2nd gear when trailer is attached and 3rd when detached to avoid shaking and flipping
– Missiles may be inaccurate when launched from uneven surface
– Missiles have tendency to noclip through distant targets. Close the distance when this happens

Brick count: 1,200
Cost: 6,569u

Have fun!

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