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Brick Rigs: Solaris Arisen – Hovering Yacht
Download this Solaris Arisen - Hovering Yacht Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!

12 Nov 2018

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This mod adds Solaris Arisen – Hovering Yacht to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: Solaris Arisen – Hovering Yacht mod for Brick Rigs

In the absence of water to float on, desperate measures will be taken. Plus, what if it could be powered by the sun?

Introducing the Solaris Arisen, a 2,000 brick hovering yacht that becomes buoyant with the simple press of a button! All you have to do is push X and this thing is ready to take to the open, err, ground…
(Molotov Zero provided by Wildshaman as always)


– Auto hover (x)
– Realtime throttle controls (Inside cockpit, W and S)
– Three different buoyancy modes (Gears one two and three)
– Collision avoidance (It’s nearly impossible to crash going forwards unless you purposely try to)
– Luxurious interior with plenty of room
– Full furnishings and provisions to last for months

Please note that if you try to spawn it in a heavy public multiplayer server, it likely won’t go as planned. Don’t even ATTEMPT to bring this to a city RP.

It is a very durable ship, so don’t be afraid too badly. I recommend driving it in manual transmission to get all three buoyancy modes.

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