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Hearts of Iron IV: 10% Production Speed OWB
Download this 10% Production Speed OWB mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

5 Sep 2018

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This mod adds 10% Production Speed OWB to the Game.

Authors description: 10% Production Speed OWB

This mod is designed with Old Wold Blues in mind, however it can be used with the vanilla game or any mod.

The mod reduces the production from military factories to 10% of the base game. This is to put more emphasis on the mods new scavenging mechanic but I also believe that the base production value created far to much equipment to be lore friendly. In the fallout games you are always scavenging for new equipment, not building it from scratch. Even factions such as The Brotherhood of Steel didn’t build power armor and other equipment from scratch and didn’t have tons to spare, which I usually do by the end of the game.

Overall this mod makes the new scavenging far more useful but also adds more strategy since there won’t be mass lines of units on the front line.

New and in my opinion easier for the AI to use and more playable version 50% Production Speed OWB:

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