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Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Construction Projects
Download this Allied Construction Projects mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Allied Construction Projects to the Game.

Authors description: Allied Construction Projects

Compatible with 1.10
This mod allows you to construct state level buildings on an allied country’s territory. This costs political power and is slower than constructing buildings normally. You use it by requesting requesting a construction permission from the target country and then selecting one of their states which brings up the interface above the state tab.

Examples of what you can do with this mod:
Construct buildings on an ally’s territory even if the subject’s autonomy level doesn’t allow it or the country doesn’t have the technology for it (as UK, build radar in Raj, Norway etc.). Construct infrastructure or air bases on an ally’s territory to support your army (as USA, build airbases in the UK or infrastructure in France as you invade Germany).Construct factories to help out your ally’s industry.
Information:Province level buildings (naval bases, forts) are not supported. Neither are nuclear reactors and rocket sites.
Compatibility:This mod does not edit any of the HOI4 files so it does not conflict with any other mod. However, new buildings added by mods of course are not supported. Mods that change building base costs will have incorrect construction speeds (e.g. BICE) when using these projects but they will otherwise work.Not achievement compatible.Multiplayer compatible.
Translations:French translation by ScotvincePortuguese translation.
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