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Hearts of Iron IV: Alternative Scenarios [MAP]
Download this Alternative Scenarios [MAP] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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15 Mar 2020

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This mod adds Alternative Scenarios [MAP] to the Game.

Are you tired of fighting hundreds of years a war to unite the Iberian Peninsula? Do you like wasting your time when you play France to defend yourself from the threads around just to found the European Union?
Do you want to found the European Union as unaligned Luxembourg?

So maybe this mod can help you with these minor problems. This mod delivers some new game rules which allow you to form and restore nations – even ancient ones. You just have to choose the rule.

Some of the game rules are mutually exclusive.
(Actually you can enable both, but there COULD be issues, the worst case is a game crash.)

More game rules will be implemented in the future.

If you want to know which possibilities exist right now, install and play this mod (:DDDDDDDD) or just look in the sector: “Update Notes”.
The images are outdated, I’m sorry. There is already more stuff.
This mod is compatible with EVERY mod, but it won’t operate correct if another mod changes the AMOUNT of states.
If countries get fully annexed, you won’t realize issues, but if states are transfered one by one, it might be possible that not all states are transfered.
–> NOT RECOMMEND to play with mods as “BEAUTIFUL STATES”
There are five new categories of Rules:
* Nations Worldwide
* Commonwealths Worldwide
* Ideologies
* Different Stuff
* Unions

–> Ideologies are independant, always useable (maybe there are some issues if there are more ideologies than the base game delivers, they are sorted by continents)
–> Nations Worldwide, theoretical all useable in one match
–> Commonwealths Worldwide, ATTENTION: they change the map a lot, it’s not recommend to use more than one
–> Different Stuff has not huge influence in the map, you are able to use all of its rules with every rule; EXCEPT the Rule “A Better World” (there you can find the option to create Modern Day Borders)
–> Unions are an own category and they are also implemented as one of the last rules, as a result, you are able to combine other rules with them (p.ex. you can refound the Frankish Empire and THEN you can form the union between France and Britain)

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