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Hearts of Iron IV: American Civil War 2.0 *Updated*
Download this American Civil War 2.0 *Updated* mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

20 Jan 2019

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This mod adds American Civil War 2.0 *Updated* to the Game.

This is the updated Version of my older ACW mod that I made. I didnt want to do this, I was lazy but didnt want to keep getting asked to update it, so here it is. Maybe I will update it and add stuff to it, but feel free to use the files for what you like or play its current form.

The CSA has risen up once again with the failure of the new deal to help the Southern states. After years of talk to reunite the nation Roosevelt mobilizes the US army and sends it to quell the south. In spite of this the Southern zeal and war fervor for independence sets up a bloody line of defense in order to wear down the US forces. After initial failure to reunite the nation both sides mobilize huge forces, the south however is more consolidated and has been preparing for the war whilst the north relies on its industry and massive population to raise new forces.

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