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Hearts of Iron IV: American Totalists
Download this American Totalists mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

22 Apr 2020

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This mod adds American Totalists to the Game.

Are you ready to do your duty for both Socialism and Americanism? The “American Totalists” is a submod for Kaiserreich that adds a whole new path to the CSA based on creating a scenario more aligned with the in-game “Totalist Charter”, i.e. Totalitarian National Syndicalism. Will you allow James Burnham’s movement to take power?

Credits to: for original Burnham portrait and reddit user u/curlyMilitia for the current one.

-WhiteDragon25 for the three default flags seen in the preview images and u/JayderWelt5 for the Torch and Hammer flag seen in the thumbnail (that can also be chosen in game), as well as u/Tesrec for the Socialist America flag.

–Original Kaiserriech team obviously, especially u/Operations_Manage for his work on the CSA and u/herkles1 for his American Civil War work, without them this wouldn’t be possible.

If you want to see future projects by the same team or donate to their creation please visit the patreon if you’d like to (the OG Kaiserreich team gave permission to set this up):

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